My Everyday Life: Week 3

This is what this past week looked like:

Fresh off the airplane, I needed something healthy!

my everyday: week 3

Airport reunion! Cooper refused to put his feet out.

my everyday: week 3

Grounded on a plane in SLC for almost two hours. Deep breaths.

my everyday: week 3

Banbury Cross Donuts with Kasey & Kristin. The cinnamon one was AH-MAZING.

Thanks for the tip, Rachelle!

my everyday: week 3

A discussion about geese & petting zoos on the way to donuts.

my everyday: week 3

The most amazing breakfast sandwich at The Park Cafe in SLC.

my everyday: week 3

Emptying my pockets after one day at Alt Summit. I met A LOT of great people.

my everyday life: week 3

Chocolate loot next to my bed at the Grand America.

my everyday: week 3

I borrowed Christine's necklace.

my everyday: week 3

Getting ready to go out on the last night of the Alt Summit.

my everyday life: week 3

Breakfast with my roomie, Christine.

my everyday: week 3

The White party at Alt Summit.

my everyday: week 3

Hotel room cocktail mixing.

my everyday: week 3

Note taking with the ladies of Modern Kiddo.

my everyday: week 3

Amazing room service.

my everyday: week 3

My first bath since I was pregnant with Cooper.

my everyday: week 3

An impromptu lunch with my husband & podcast notes.

my everyday: week 3

Sometimes I do the dishes so I don't have to empty the dishwasher (this happens A LOT).

my everyday: week 3

Homemade cashew milk & a new raw energy bar I concocted (recipe soon!).

my everyday: week 3

Kitchen aftermath.

my everyday life: week 3

I let the friendliest cat into our house. Her name is Gigia.

my everyday: week 3

Carrot ginger soup with avocado & arugula. Easing back into real food.

my everyday: week 3

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  • The Cuisinerd

    So great to spend some time with ou at Alt girlfriend. So much fun, tho it would be nice next time to visit outside of convention madness.

  • Kasey

    I had SO much fun hanging out with you in SLC! I feel like we're two old souls together :) I emptied all of my business cards onto a table after finally getting home and thought to myself - that is more business cards I have received from every conference I have ever attended COMBINED. I can't wait to hang out together again...and I loved spotting stuff like my clutch and the TK Pairings Box recipe cards in your photos (not to mention our breakfast and GEESE!) xoxox

    • Tracy

      TRUTH! We're gonna hafta schedule in some serious girl time this year. I started to write down a list of the people I met and am thinking...WHOA. That was crazytown. So many!

  • Iris R.

    Were those a bunch of tiny Bonne Mama jam jars I saw in the room service picture? I would have surreptitiously hidden those in my bags. Kind of like mini hotel soaps only better?

    Drooling over that carrot ginger soup. I can't wait for your upcoming recipes! I just ordered vanilla beans and my first task when they come is to make cinnamon vanilla cashew milk with them.

  • Katrina

    I'm loving this new segment! SLC looked like a blast!

  • brooke guevara

    I love all the every day photos; simple, yet beautiful. Looks like ALT summit was awesome.
    p.s. love following your blog.

  • Carrie Rosalind

    Looks like a pretty good week for me! I was so jealous of all you girls at the Alt Summit - I followed along on Twitter and it seemed like there was a ton of good information!!

  • Amanda

    looks like a great week!

  • Karin

    That looks like an amazing week. It sounds like you had so much fun and met some great people! Loved these shots.

  • Julie

    I haven't taken a bath in forever! I don't have a tub for it, but hotel rooms seem like a good place to do that.

  • Vanessa

    I need to make time to go to this Alt summit I've heard so much about next year. Cute dress! And this donuts. Oh. my. god. I need them.

  • Nicola

    Do you have a cashew milk recipe? I have been hankering after it after you mentioned it on your podcast and it looks delicious in that photo!

  • Christina

    1) I need to know your thoughts on petting zoos. 2) Who brought the lime juicer? B/c that was brills.

  • Roxy

    Your floral print dress is simply beautiful! Anthro?? I love that 50's fit!

  • Tort[e]s

    I am DYING to know what was in that breakfast sandwich!

    • Tracy

      on toast... BUT the toast was like buttered & grilled as if it was a GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH.
      Amazing, right?

  • Cortnie

    The Alt Summit sounds so fun! Like grownups having fun without kids! Yay!!

    p.s. You look super super cute in that amazing dress.


  • Linda

    Tracy, your upstairs tub is gorgeous...perfect for a relaxing bath, with a ledge wide enough to hold a chilled bottle of champagne, a tub wide enough to put one of those expandable bathtub thingys that holds a book, your champagne flute, a fresh loofa, and mani/pedi toys. Put Coop to bed, find a movie for KC, light some candles, use bubble bath, grab your IPod and spoil deserve it!

  • jenny

    I have been totally craving carrot-ginger soup. I hope you'll post the recipe this week...hint hint!! Such fun photos, btw!

  • JILL

    Love the sippy cup on the table at the Japanese restaurant :)

  • Megan

    I love love love your pretty flowered dress!

    And I'd like to eat that soup! If you like it, put an avocado on it. Right?

  • Kara

    How funny, I do the dishes like that too... I hate unloading the dishwasher.

    ps- I love you and Joy and your podcast.. I listen to you every week during work and I always catch myself laughing out loud (literally LOLing!) and then I get mean eye glances from my fellow co workers...for some reason noise completely interupts their day. *sigh* so thanks for always making me laugh!!! :)

    • Tracy

      Haha! Glad I'm not the only one. I don't know why I have such a strong dislike for unloading. I make it into a bigger deal than it really is. It takes like 5 minutes.

  • kale @ tastes good to me!

    The soup looks beautiful and I love the walk-through!

  • Nicole

    Fun pictures, Tracy! Sounds like Alt Summit was fantastic. Your floral dress is so pretty!

  • Dottie

    Girl, Alt Summit made one thing perfectly clear--I need to see more of your hotness this year!

    And hello--you need to show these people how fab you looked in that one shoulder piece. Hello, amazing!!!


    - Dottie

    • Tracy

      oh man! I didn't take any pictures of me in that outfit...but i'm sure i could maybe find some!

      you and alix should come over for dinner. im gonna send you an email!

  • Lindsay @ The Live-In Kitchen

    That is so funny that you brought a lime press with you on a trip. Or did the hotel provide it? Ha!

  • Rachelle

    Thanks for the shout out! I live in suburbia now but when I lived downtown I brought banbury cross to my staff on Fridays...nothing says "You're awesome" like a dozen of those babies.

  • Lucia

    That breakfast looks gorgeous! It makes me think about holidays and taking care of ourselves. We should do it more often ;-)

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