November 16, 2018


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Children are savage.
  2. A bevy of uninspirational quotes
  3. Most underrated/overrated products from Trader Joe’s   I’ve never had the soup dumplings!
  4. My sandwiches choices make me the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. 
  5. I stopped eating pine nuts because of this. Once it happens to you, you won’t trust them!
  6. 7 tips from Ernest Hemingway on how to write fiction.
  7. I dunno. This seems silly to me. 
  8. Self Care Strategies for the Holidays
  9. Here’s a Bob Ross remix for your soul.
  10. Dorie Greenspan’s apartment in NY is beautiful.
  11. They guessed that I was a Capricorn by my winter attire choices. Lol WRONG.
  12. This is the right way to wear a smoke mask.
  13. How much bread do you have to bake to have sourdough hands?
  14. How to get someone else’s cat to like you.
  15. It’s possible to entertain kids at restaurants without screens. We use paper & pens!
  16. Let’s all start making faces on our bread.
  17. This photo series of pencil manufacturing is so visually pleasing.
  18. Entrepreneurs discuss their biggest mistakes.
  19. The haunting of a house (a fascinating read!)
  20. How our careers affect our children.
  21. Tetris is the only game I have on my phone.
  22. All I want is a rainy afternoon with a chunky knit blanket & turmeric latte.
  23. Currently reading/enjoying: The Emotional Eaters Repair Manual


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