Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Happy Monday!

I had a pretty busy weekend doing stuff around the house, packing up gifts for the Rincon Valley Little League  & meal prepping. I don’t think I even left the house this weekend. I didn’t even realize that until now! My brain might have been kickstarted in Spring cleaning mode and I’m totally OK with that. Over the weekend I cleaned up my makeup drawer and I feel like I got a whole new lease on life (semi-dramatic). I also cleaned out the inside of the car because it was looking like a garbage can.

Oh, and I did some meal prep. I’d say we’re getting the week off to a good start!

Intentions for the Week is a weekly TO DO list on!



Intentions for the Week is a weekly TO DO list on!

Intentions for the Week:

  • change all the clocks in our house to the right time!
  • edit/upload One Potato photos
  • invoices
  • laundry
  • prep for meeting this week
  • prep for taxes
  • catch up on social media
  • work on the handwriting club
  • repot plants
  • finally paint nails
  • ship out orders for The Handwriting Club
  • work in the kitchen (lemon shrimp & french onion soup maybe!)
  • work on office photos
  • post pictures from Cavallo Point?
  • drink water
  • go on a hike with Casey
  • carve out time to make some art
  • make good food choices
  • rest when I need to!


Last Week’s Intentions:

  • celebrate Casey’s birthday
  • laundry
  • pick up my Mom’s ashes
  • shop/prep/cook/shoot One Potato recipes
  • prep for meeting
  • catch up on social media
  • work on recipes
  • ship out orders for The Handwriting Club
  • eat more salads/be mindful of what I eat
  • work on handwriting workbook
  • start tax stuff/sort through receipts
  • exercise- get outside!
  • errands- Target/Grocery/HomeGoods
  • volunteer at thrift shop
  • have a date with my calendar
  • paint nails
  • drink enough water
  • take care of myself (i tried!)
  • get enough sleep (could have used more)
  • give myself permission to go slow


Mantra this week:

Intentions for the Week is a weekly TO DO list on!

Good luck this week! Don’t forget to write down your Intentions for the Week! It will help you get your head in the game.

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  • Darlene

    Intentions for the week:
    *drink more water
    *write down the new knitted shawl pattern–keeping it in my head is not a good idea!
    *finish the book outline
    *make time to paint
    *make a doctor’s appointment
    *make lasagna
    *double check that I have everything for my taxes–be very grateful I have someone to do my taxes.
    *make a massage appointment
    *do more tai chi–or do any tai chi.

  • Christa

    Hello! I will jump in:

    – pick up library book
    – take dress to cleaners
    – actually go to the gym
    – keep up with pilates class
    – find something nice to take to grandma for visit this weekend
    – finish review at work (one of the all-time worst activities, I’ll be glad to have this done)

  • Pricila

    How funny! I have been applying some Ayurvedic wisdom into my diet this week, I’m kapha too. Hot yoga and ginger turmeric tea help me get back into balance and feel so good.

    • Tracy

      working on the ginger/adding licorice in
      adding asparagus and broccoli
      all the bitters!
      i can see some of it start to work

  • Darice

    Hi Tracy, I wanted to share something with you on bereavement. I really don’t know why I feel the need to share this but I do and I’m hoping it doesn’t make you too sad.
    I feel your pain on the loss of your mother. My mom passed 17 1/2 years ago and I still miss her! Tears still spring to my eyes when I think of her and miss her.
    My very best friend told me a long time ago that she cried everyday for a year after her mom passed. At the time my mom was still with us and I thought to myself “Oh Pam, that’s just not possible to cry every day.” Well it is possible to cry every day for more than a year. I could be driving to work and tears would suddenly overwhelm me. I was so adrift and disconnected on the first Mother’s Day without her I was numb and didn’t know what to do with myself and the first Christmas was just as bad. I was a lucky girl to have my mom in my life; she was everything to me.

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