May 31, 2024


Follow your joy! I love lists art by Tracy Benjamin - #hobonichi #hobonichicousin


  1. Let’s read some traveling hacks. 
  2. How Apple torture tests its iPhones. 
  3. There’s a new American cheese on the market. 
  4. Ways you can customize your Google calendar. 
  5. Why is a hamburger called a hamburger? 
  6. The Dos and Don’ts of Trader Joe’s Parking lot.
  7. I love love LOVE 1950s dresses. 
  8. What are the best mystery movies of all time?
  9. These book sculptures! 
  10. Read the fine print. 
  11. I want a maritime fort.
  12.  Who at Taco Bell thought this was a good idea?
  13. What’s in imitation crab? 
  14. Trader Joe’s new products from the Summer.
  15. This avocado slicing technique! 
  16. A brief history of ice cream. 
  17. An interesting perspective on the future of Ozempic.
  18. Pretty nail stickers  one/two/three/four
  19. Weekend project- clean out junk drawer! 
  20. Shop: all my amazon favorites!


Keep Grief Weird! Podcast with Tracy Benjamin and Dr. MC McDonald about GRIEF! https://keepgriefweird.substack.com/

New podcast alert! 

Episode #4 of Keep Grief Weird- THE FIRST YEARMC and I talk about our first year of grief!  You have to remap your entire life after loss and it’s exhausting.  Listen wherever you gets podcasts and subscribe to our Substack! 

Did you know that I started a youtube channel— The Handwriting Club 


Here are my May pages in my Currently Workbook. I’ll be sharing more on my Substack this weekend. 

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