January 24, 2020



  1. This optical poem is beautiful. I really needed this.
  2. This cat is obsessed with bananas…
  3. What an American dorm room looked like over a 100 years ago.
  4. Whoaaa look at this large vertical filing cabinet from the past. 
  5. Make an Emotional Labor TO DO List with your partner.
  6. We have more bathrooms in our houses than ever.
  7. What an incredible work kitchen!! Amazing job.
  8. People can’t stop photographing this canyon.
  9. Pillows sculpted out of marble.
  10. The detail on thes miniature models is incredible.
  11. My favorite outfit: This turtleneck / these pants / this jacketthese shoes
  12. Why walking helps us think.
  13. What is white pepper anyway?
  14. Most Americans are lonely and our workplaces aren’t helping.
  15. How to start therapy.
  16. Back in stock: Action is the antidote to despair/ don’t forget to breathe 
  17. I’d love a Weekend at Bernie’s toy.
  18. This sushi crunchwrap looks gooooood.
  19. Can you spot liars from their body language?
  20. These photos make me want to travel.
  21. An illustrated guide to Lake Tahoe.

My Everyday Life: Week 21 on Shutterbean.com 

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