My Everyday Life: Week 34

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 34

My husband made me a cappuccino. Thank you, husband. I miss Italy and that helped. 

Spicy Pickled Carrots in my fridge this week!

Birthday dinner with my family! It’s been my first week of being 40!

My Dad sent me flowers. Thanks, Dad!

Birthday package from my friend Andrea. So grateful for the love I received for my birthday!

Last day of Summer break pool party!


With a new do!


My new guy, courtesy of Neve & Hawk.

This is Palmer. He’s my new bud.

Peace and love while walking with two boys.

I met a girl named Flora. I gave her a card and a stamp in exchange for a leaf.

I spent the afternoon hanging out with my 93 year old neighbor. He gave me prune plums and tomatoes. I traded him biscotti for them!

FAMILY DINNER!!! It was good to get back in my kitchen this week after our trip.

She was all yellow.

On a walk with Ruby, Sam + Angela

Little bee going to the source. 

Visiting a different post office. 

Queen of my paper pile.

A grocery list from a few weeks ago.

Simple Caesar Salad is so good when you don’t feel like cooking. I added the leftover chicken from the night before in it. 

We busted out the sprinklers this week.

Meatloaf sandwich research.

This caught my eye!

And then I saw the back of it!!!

Orla Kiely in realy life.

Children’s art is my favorite.

Old pictures of families make me happy.

I found myself at the thrift store.

Look at this spread from La Saison.

A nice day at Sophie James Winery.

I found this buddy.

Went up with Emma who was taking pictures.

Wine glasses filled and at the ready.

A dog named Sierra.

He scratched the F out of my hand.


Snapping away!

I saw a woman who looked like my Mom. It was so weird!

Made eye contact with a zebra.

Adventure in a Dahlia farm!  

There were SOOOOO many dahlias at Aztec Dahlias.

The colors! 

I want to paint this.

Bigger than my hands.


All the different colors!

The symmetry is the best.

You should go!

Two photographers posing for the camera!  I’m grateful to find adventures at HOME with friends.

Thanks, Emma


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  • Becky B

    Flora’s curls are hair goals 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dahlia before, they’re so pretty!

  • Dana

    If Palmer doesn’t already have a fan club I think we should start one. He looks delectable.
    Aztec Dahlias is right up the road from where I live!
    Cooper is gorgeous. All the girls will be coming to your yard. My youngest started seventh grade this year. Somehow?
    My mom died eight years ago. Several times/year I will catch sight of a woman who looks like her. I do a double take and on second sight it’s clearly not her (of course) but for an instant… My heart was sure it saw her. You know?
    Thank you for all your bloggery and recipes and such. I love your posts so much. I especially look forward to I Love Lists which I like to take my time with on Saturday mornings.

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