September 11, 2020



  1. I am definitely dreaming of fixing up an RV one day. 
  2. Online school is going grrrrrreeeeaaat.
  3. I should try this picky eater tip on Cooper.
  4. Notes on grief.
  5. The impossible job of managing a restaurant right now. 
  6. The history of roadside dinosaur statues gives me wanderlust. 
  7. Photos from the west coast. Keep us in your thoughts! 
  8. Why it’s so hard to capture the smoky air on your phones. 
  9. It’s hard to believe these aren’t real neon signs.
  10. How to host a safe small gathering during this time.
  11. What bedrooms looked like in the 1940s.
  12. Grandparents could help with homeschooling. 
  13. All of the IKEA catalogs from the past 70 years, digitized. 
  14. Speaking of IKEA… it looks like SF is getting one. 
  15. Time to start putting tea bags on our eyes.
  16. Invisible labor is real and it hurts.
  17. Photographing Audrey Hepburn.
  18. Ways to feel good at home right now. 
  19. To make: Thai chicken zoodles, pasta salad / zucchini parmesan sliders
  20. Pretties: botanical tarot deck / match striker / dandelion crystal
  21. For the love of mail. 
  22. Make magic! 

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  • Katie

    Ugh, thinking about you all on the West Coast. I’m glad that you’re currently safe and hope you get some rain and relief soon <3

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