June 10, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday! Let’s surf the net together-

  1. The History of Pho.
  2. For the lip syncing enthusiast 
  3. Love seeing what are people’s favorite makeups are
  4. What’s in your mom’s bag? Oh gosh… you should see mine
  5. Ways to Trick Out your Backyard this Summer 
  6. What a dreamy meal
  7. Shot on iPhone
  8. A Sazerac Sno-Cone!
  9. What an Everest Climber Eats (I love stuff like this)
  10. Just remember. It could always be worse.
  11. Recipe goals: Nashville Baked Chicken + Cash Money Millionaire Bars
  12. Hello dreamy vacation home.
  13. Work Life Balance
  14. Things nobody tells you about freelancing
  15. For my cat loving friends
  16. Annoying little things
  17. Don’t follow your passion
  18. Tattoos with hidden meanings
  19. This makes me happy that I live in Northern California.
  20. What to do if your phone screen cracks. Hehe
  21. This is something I would do.

Things that caught my eye….

I Love Popsicles:

  • India

    Love the round-up…especially #14. I saw your popsicles were featured in Cupcakes and Cashmere’s post this week – so exciting! I hope you got lots of new visitors.

  • Katharina

    YES, Popsicles!!! 🙂

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