November 20, 2020



  1. How to get your collectibles appraised.
  2. The best inventions of 2020.
  3. Funny business names from the Simpsons. ‘Muff Said.
  4. Classical paintings in modern situations.
  5. Let’s be glad we’re not dealing with wedding cake fails rn.
  6. People share their incredible/interesting photos.
  7. I want a cyanometer.
  8. Found object art.
  9. I have my eye on this rug/mat for my kitchen.
  10. What happens when you spend, weeks, months & years in solitary confinement.
  11. I am going to try this bandaid hack with my mask so I can wear my glasses.
  12. How cats really sharpen their claws.
  13. What Mickey Mouse looked like in the 1930s (creepy!)
  14. World’s first mobile bowling alley. I didn’t know we needed one!
  15. How technology is helping to reshape fitness & outdoor recreation.
  16. Get cozy: a mug / favorite tea / comfy slippers/ cozy robe
  17. We abandoned our travel plans. You should consider doing it too.
  18. How Alex Trebek a writer’s mother’s life.
  19. Weekend baking: crustless pumpkin pie / cranberry rosemary bars
  20. 10 things you don’t need to do on Thanksgiving

My Currently Workbook for 2021 is for sale in my shop! Order yours so we can play together! 

November 19, 2020

Currently 2021 Workbook

Hello friends! Exciting news!  My Currently 2021 Workbook is available for sale in my Etsy shop!

Since 2016, I’ve been sharing a breakdown of my months in a column I call CURRENTLY.— You can look back at all of them here.

In 2019, I designed my first currently workbook so I could practice my handwriting and creativity WITH my readers.  I wanted to spend a little more time offline and this was the best way for me to do it!

View Currently: 2019 by Tracy Benjamin

And then 2020 came… and I continued writing in it because it was the best way for me to channel my feelings into something productive! Plus, I had a whole bunch of people working on it with me in my private Facebook group. It has BEEN so inspiring to see how other people use it. I’m so grateful for the practice.

It’s what I’ve always wanted- to build a community for self-reflection through creativity.

View Currently: 2020 by Tracy Benjamin

This is the cover for the Currently 2021 workbook! 

View Currently: 2021 by Tracy Benjamin

Let me show you inside!

In the Currently 2021 Workbook for, you will have a place to write down your WORD FOR THE YEAR as well as map out your Intentions for 2021

Each month has its own spread. You’re invited to color and play in the pages. 

This is what my creative journal has looked like in 2020:

With each month, there’s an opportunity to write things down! 

Every month has this guide for you to fill in:

Here’s an example of how I fill in these pages:

Each season has it’s own spread & includes a place for you to write out your seasonal bucket list.

There’s a page to fill in whatever inspired you each season. It’s a chance to make a list or draw in your favorite things. 

We start with Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter!

I added a section for you to paste self-portraits in your journal. 

I print a photo out and place it in the back each month. I like to see all my different hairstyles. 

Currently 2021 Workbook by Tracy Benjamin

72 pages total!

Join me in self-reflection in 2021. Buy one for yourself, for your friends and family. Do it with your kids! Make self-reflecting FUN and therapeutic. 

Order here

An international option can be found here.

I can’t wait to work with you in 2020.


You can follow my adventures here on my monthly Currently posts and follow @thehandwritingclub to see my handwriting in practice. 


November 18, 2020

Sausage Mushroom Stuffing

Add Sausge & Mushroom Stuffing to the menu this Thanksgiving. Recipe on Shutterbean.com

We all have our opinions of stuffing, don’t we? My mom always used packages of bread cubes for her stuffing and while I really enjoyed her version, I didn’t like how mushy it was. She did serve two options at our Thanksgiving table-one batch of stuffing she stuffed in the turkey and the other batch, she baked in a baking dish that had a crispy crust. I opted for the crispy crust version, fighting my brothers over the crispiest edge pieces. This year, I’m making Sausage Mushroom Stuffing and I’m doing it my own way.

As a lifelong lover of bread, I believe that bread needs a little more reverence in the stuffing. I like a stuffing that has a bread pudding-like vibe with crispy toasted bits on top. Have you ever had the bread salad with the roasted chicken from Zuni in San Francisco? Think THAT. 

I want something that will hold up to some gravy and give me a little crunch when I need it.  So, in the spirit of borrowing from the past, I used my Mom’s secret weapon in her stuffing- breakfast sausage!  It provides a nice hit of sage.  It’s what makes all the men in my family reach for another spoonful. I also added mushrooms because I’m a fan of sausage and mushrooms.   I’ll add them wherever I can! 

So buy some good bread, dig into one of the edge pieces and save the rest for this Mushroom Sausage Stuffing at your Thanksgiving table. The leftovers the next day with eggs…oh boy!