October 18, 2019



  1. Teachers doing important work. 
  2. They’re so lucky to have their grandparents in their wedding.
  3. These pumpkin cinnamon rolls look amaze.
  4. Some happy facts about animals!
  5. A look back at the first aerial photo shot in the USA
  6. You can donate your legos!
  7. Cat comics!
  8. A good use for broken lasagna noodles…
  9. To make: Dark & Stormy Kombucha
  10. How magazines were made before computers.
  11. 10 Types of Tippers
  12. Happy 20th BLOG ANNIVERSARY to David Lebovitz!
  13. I miss decorating our house for Halloween.
  14. Farrow & Ball has new paint colors!
  15. How to balance social and alone time at work.
  16. Americans are having fewer kids. Here’s what that means for education.
  17. Halloween costumes from 1950s + 1960s
  18. This portable printer thing looks fun.
  19. I have a super embarrassing photo of me and pigeons in Venice when I was a teenager.
  20. Cute bags I have my eye on:  one / two / three / four
  21. A Guide to Asian Restaurants, by Ali Wong
  22. Grab a food journal and some stickers for you/a friend this weekend.
  23. Here’s 2 months FREE Premium membership to Skillshare. YOU CAN DO SO MUCH ART!
October 16, 2019

Green Tea Ice Cream

I don’t understand my child and his tastebuds. He won’t eat things like macaroni & cheese, any potato that isn’t a french fry or tater tot, nachos,  dutch baby pancakes, EGGS any way, cornbread, biscuits, sweet potatoes, you name it.  On the flipside, he loves anything with buffalo wing sauce on it (even tacos!)  and one of his favorite ice cream flavors is Green Tea Ice Cream.  The only real love we share is bread and crackers. So, I guess we have that going for us. Still I have no idea why he thinks biscuits are terrible. I am hoping he’ll outgrow that one day. 

It’s Cooper’s birthday month (he’s now 11!) and I made him his favorite ice cream to celebrate. I thought I’d shake things up a bit!

We had some matcha twix leftover from our trip to Japantown so we crumbled some on top.

This recipe is from The Kitchn Cookbook (one of my favorites!). It’s a very simple recipe and I love that it uses a bit of cream cheese in the recipe. I’ve done that technique with my pumpkin ice cream!  The texture is light, slightly chewy and every bite is perfumed with matcha!  

Maybe you’ll convince a picky eaty to expand their tastebuds with this Green Tea Ice Cream recipe?

Maybe you just love green tea ice cream or have some matcha hanging around with no purpose? 

Make it, report back! 


October 14, 2019

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Happy Monday, friends!

We are on week 42 of 2019!  Here’s what Week 42 looked like last year.  I’m writing this from Idaho. We’ve had a wonderful time with family here.

This week we have some unpacking to do from our trip. I have to get my house back into shape. I’ve got company this weekend and a bunch of work to do. Right now I’m ready to focus on my Intentions for the Week. Here they are!