September 22, 2023


My Everyday Life Week 37 of 2023- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. This is where AI is going to get us in a lot of trouble. 
  2. Pictures of rare interesting things.
  3. I do enjoy office sarcasm. Ask my old coworkers. 
  4. Leaf peeper is a funny thing to say.
  5. A treasure trove of diner articles. 
  6. Ina’s lasagna noodle hack. 
  7. I would wear all of these clothes. 
  8. Autumn products from Trader Joe’s.
  9. A home that used to be a grocery store.
  10. Bob Ross’ first on-air painting is up for sale.
  11. I want to make these pumpkin cookies.
  12. Why do cats respond to pspsps?
  13. Speaking of… I have this sticker on my car. 
  14. These still-life paintings are so vibrant. I love them.
  15. People discuss disappointing touristy places. 
  16. My grandparents used to have this address book.
  17. A list of productivity methods. 
  18. The labor-intensive process of making a Tiffany-style lamp. 
  19. Here are my productivity tools. 
  20. Weekend reading: Do You Mind if I Cancel?

September 20, 2023

Gluten-Free Breakast Ideas

Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas - Tracy Benjamin shares her favorite savory and sweet gluten free breakfasts

Gluten-Free Recipe Ideas:

Like I said in my weight loss post, I stopped eating gluten this past year.  A lot of people showed interest in seeing what I eat so I am going to roll out every meal for you! We will start with my favorite Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas so you can see what I have in my rotation.  

In the past year, I changed my eating times. I used to have breakfast between 7-9AM and now I opt for a late breakfast somewhere between 10-11AM. I make a big breakfast so that I am full until around 2/3PM and then I have some type of snack or small lunch. My breakfasts are usually a heavier meal and I like it that way.  Working from home makes it easier to eat later. I am grateful for that. 

To recap I eat:

  • potatoes
  • corn tortillas
  • rice (not a lot, I’m not a big rice fan)

I don’t eat bread 

Let’s talk about Trader Joe’s hash browns for a second. These things have saved my life. I FREAKING LOVE THEM.

One of the things I am working on with my relationship with food is abandoning the idea that certain foods are BAD. There has been a lot of judgment in my family growing up over potatoes. You are a holy person if you sacrifice potatoes on your plate at a restaurant for greens.  For many many years, I was convinced that potatoes were bad. Then I did Whole 30 and  I learned that my body likes potatoes and they’re only an issue for me if I have them in addition to bread and ALL THE BAKED GOODS.


September 18, 2023

Intentions for the Week

Intentions for the Week Workbook by Tracy Benjamin now on sale!

Intentions for the Week- Week 38 in 2023

Happy Monday, friends!

We didn’t get home from Nashville last night until 2AM and I AM WIPED OUT.  I’m gonna keep this brief! 

Here are my Intentions for the Week-