February 24, 2020

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Intentions for the Week

Week 9 of 2020- Here’s what week 9 looked like last year.

Happy Monday, friends!

This weekend we had basketball (we won!) and baseball and I was able to have a playdate with my friend Emma in the city. I sacrificed meal prep time for friend time and that’s ok! I’ll spend some time tonight cleaning out the fridge and cessing out what’s left. Time to get down my Intentions for the Week so I can enjoy what’s left of this Sunday night as I type this. Here we go!


February 23, 2020

My Everyday Life Week 8

Here’s what this past week looked like: My Everyday Life Week 8

Blossom confetti in a no parking zone. The colors woke me up. 

Watching him pitch stresses me out.

If only I could bring my therapy cats….

His travel baseball team made it to the championship!

We stay in bed cuddling in the morning.

He likes watching sharks on TV.

This handwriting doesn’t seem up to Trader Joe’s standards. 


February 21, 2020



  1. This woman’s photo album is quite a celebrity timewarp.
  2. Photographer’s capture LOVE.
  3. I’d love to make a book nook one day.
  4. The New York Public Library created a list of books they love.
  5. How to train your brain to get distracted less.
  6. Creative people’s brains really do work differently.
  7. Clint Eastwood’s ranch is beautiful.
  8. Attention residue gets in the way of productivity.
  9. I love looking at old houses. This one is a 1920s Berkeley craftsman.
  10. Adult’s guide to social skills
  11. I want one of these cabins.
  12. Dreaming of this dress with these sandals and this bag.
  13. So many beautiful photos to look at.
  14. The new Wes Anderson movie is inspired by the New Yorker
  15. Amazing things found in old books.
  16. The Sandwich Generation
  17. Let your kids vent when they need to.
  18. Paper art blows me away.
  19. This makes me want to go on vacation.
  20. Doppelgangers in unexpected places.
  21. Optical illusions created in camera.
  22. A pep talk for when you need one!