July 15, 2019

Intentions for the Week:

Every week, Tracy Benjamin from Shutterbean.com types up her TO DO list with her Intentions for the Week post. Check out this week's post!

Happy Monday, friends!

We are on WEEK 29 of 2019.  Here’s what week 29 looked like for me last year.  That was a big week for my career!

This weekend there was a baseball tournament, a deep house cleaning, an intense pruning/ gardening session, a hike with a friend, and an impromptu dinner at my house with my Dad and niece.  It was nice to have a casual dinner out on our deck. The weather was perfect and we ended the night with strawberries and chocolate cake.  I’m still enjoying my mornings in the  hammock!  and I don’t know how I ever lived without one!

I also started the week with some meal prep!  HOORAY!

Let’s get my head in the game with some Intentions for the Week. Here’s what’s going on around here.


July 14, 2019

My Everyday Life: Week 28

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everday Life Week 28

This week I went to a strawberry farm in Salinas with California Strawberries!

My Everyday Life: Week 28 on Shutterbean.com

Farm time is bright & early!

My Everyday Life: Week 28 on Shutterbean.com

What an inspiring trip.

My Everyday Life: Week 28 on Shutterbean.com

I learned so much about strawberries.

My Everyday Life: Week 28 on Shutterbean.com

I also was so inspired by everything I saw.

My Everyday Life: Week 28 on Shutterbean.com

Pops of red!

My Everyday Life: Week 28 on Shutterbean.com

The colors really made my creative brain happy.

My Everyday Life: Week 28 on Shutterbean.com

I learned quickly that strawberry farming is very hard on the back  I am so grateful for all of the workers who put their bodies through so much in order for us to have fresh produce!


July 12, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com



  1. These ladies bought a house together to retire in. Modern Day Golden Girls!
  2. Los Angeles, 1930s
  3. Treat your oatmeal like risotto. Make it savory.
  4. Inside Instagram’s war on bullying.
  5. We can’t quit our microwaves here in the USA.
  6. Funny sleep memes. 
  7. This music video must have taken forever to edit.
  8. Oooh! There’s an electric Mini Cooper now!
  9. What happened to Doggie Diners?
  10. Art made entirely of denim. Wow.
  11. Looking up at trees in the middle of the forest. 
  12. This made me laugh.
  13. Teach your children kindness. 
  14. Reading can make you happier! Thank you for this, Andrea.
  15. Want to learn something new? Get 2 months of Skillshare FREE with my code!
  16. This is my favorite dress!  I love wearing it with my Birkenstocks. 
  17. If you want to make your cat very happy…
  18. I’m pretty sure this recipe would go over well at my house!
  19. This pasta pie is totally last meal worthy. I’d eat it with my garlic bread. 
  20. I need to go on more hikes in the Bay.
  21. The world from above.
  22. Comparison shots. Some are pretty fascinating!
  23. Should you use a food journal? YES YOU SHOULD! Thanks, Katie!!!

Don’t forget that MAGIC HAPPENS!