fragments of the 4th

neighbors clothespins



so many things to do!!!!!!!! I can’t believe how many times i’ve cleaned up the kitchen in the past few days. It was like my cabinets projectile vomited on EVERY surface of my kitchen. Having 4th of July on a Wednesday really messed with me. It felt more like a Sunday… I got excited that I had my Sunday TV shows waiting for me on our DVR—- BUT NO! It’s just another WEDNESDAY!…and YES, you have to wake up early for work. Not fair.

Over the past few days:

-found dining room chairs for dining room (silver-leafed just like the ceiling!)
-new custom curtains in our bedroom sewn & installed (a BIG thank you to my mother-in-law!)
-hung out with neighbors & ate leftovers

Things are coming along…now we just need to figure out this air conditioning thing. Having people over when it’s 100 degrees just doesn’t fly.

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