My Everyday Life: Week 9

Here’s what this past week looked like:

I love watching the fog roll in during breakfast time.

Picking up stuff at Home Depot

Cooper walks with purpose. He thinks he’s getting a hot dog.

It fascinates me when shadows look blue. On a walk with Caley.


What the mantle looks like these days.

Teaching Cooper about cameras. He’s kind of obsessed.

We sat across from each other at the kitchen table taking portraits of each other. This is mine of him.

And this is the portrait he took of me.

I made the MOST DELICIOUS BANANA BREAD!!! I’ll share the recipe soon!

Sitting at a stop sign in awe.

A new cocktail I’m obsessed with. I’ll teach you about it soon.


Getting ready for school.

It only took us 3 days and we’re back to eating Mexican food.

Dentist appointment! Cooper was SUPER good. I was very proud of him.

Casey made me a fancy cocktail with my  Luxardo Cherries.

I get so lost in these pretty green eyes.

Just got these shoes from Piperlime. I am IN LOVE with them.

I match Beverages & More.

“Joy the Baker sent me necklaces!”

Working on dinner. Roasted sausage, broccoli & pasta.


  • Hilary

    Cooper’s portrait of you is great! Love to see the tulips too, it’s nice to know Spring has sprung in some areas of the country already! 🙂

  • Ronni

    Those shoes are bonkers. I think I need them.

  • Leah

    It looks so nice and warm where you are. I cannot wait for spring to come!!

    The photo of Cooper’s eye with the reflection of the window in it – amazing on so many levels.

  • Leslie

    Those new shoes are amazing! Is the comfort level pretty good?

  • Abby @ The Frosted Vegan

    LOVE the glass your first cocktail is in, where are they from??

  • Shin

    Lovely week you had. I love the pictures you two took of each other

  • Lizzie

    You have so much style- in your attire, food, photos, and surroundings! There is so much beauty to be found and shared in everyday happenings. : )

  • Jessica

    These are some beautiful photos. I’m in love with the first one.
    So gorgeous .. thanks for sharing.

  • anne taylor

    Wow, Tracy. These are my absolute photos in this series yet! And I have been following since it’s beginning! There is a definite feel to this week’s one – spring and family love. I just love it. Those pictures of spring blooming in your area are so gorgeous! I look out my window and it’s still brown and snowy here in Colorado, and all I want are some blossoms on the trees and some green grass poking through. Soon! And that portrait Cooper took of you? He’s so talented! Love it 🙂

    I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing, as always. I love your blog.

  • Malgosia

    One of my favorite parts of reading food blogs is peeking into someone else’s life… I hope I’m not the only one nosy like that. You make it so easy Tracy! hehe

  • roxy

    I walk with purpose when I think I’m getting a hot dog too!

    P.s. Those shoes!

  • Sarah

    Beautiful pictures! I am loving the flower pictures. I can’t wait till the flowers come here and the snow melts.

  • Hannah Lesley

    Your photos are so inspiring and beautiful! Love your blog!

  • stacey

    wait who is caley?!?

  • Dona

    Those shoes are awesome! You are really taking spring seriously! I noticed all the cherry blossoms on my block over a week ago butnsomehow missed the one right in front of my house.

  • Holly Waterfall

    i so love your portraits of each other. super special.

  • Elise

    Those shoes really are awesome! It’s so sweet that you’re teaching Cooper about cameras and photography. Start ’em young!

  • Amy

    I mean, your child is a better photographer than I am. It’s fine. I love that you can see the love in those photos. You’re so my motherhood idol. I love your new shoes! Also, we have the same calves. Is that weird?

  • Kim @ Soliloquy Of Food & Such

    I have Spring and blossom envy….

  • Terri

    I LOVE this series! Thank you for sharing pieces of your life! It lets me see how someone else enjoys life in the Bay Area 🙂

    I can’t wait to try the bacon fried rice recipe and Cooper appears to be a promising photographer!

    Also, I adore the Joy the Baker podcast!


  • Jane M

    Wow nifty spring pictures! We are still in winter here in the Northeast. Feels far from flowering trees so your pictures make me hopeful! Week 9 already – time is flying. Have a great week #10.

  • Christine

    Beautiful pictures as always. I never can wait for another life week. I soooo love the eye shot. It’s perfect!

  • Laura

    Soon Cooper will be shooting all your photos. He’s a natural! The portrait he took of you is stunning!
    p.s. great shoes with your skinny ankles 😉

  • Gwen Edwards

    Looks like Cooper is a little photographer in the making!

  • Ellie

    Tracey, I think I need those starburst (sunburst?) mirrors in my life. Where did you get them? And btw, I love this week’s set of pics.

  • Ellen

    Those Luxardos are friggin’ amazing. It’s a love-hate thing: I adore them, but they’ve ruined me for any other banal maraschino and from now on I’ll be spending five times as much for a jar of cherries. But they are so good!

  • Beth

    The picture of Cooper walking cracked me up! My nephew does the same thing, but also puts his head down when he runs because he thinks it makes him “ultra fast!” but in reality he just runs into more things! Also those shoes, can we say HOT lady style please?!

  • Cate

    These posts are my favorite. I’m so glad you’re doing another year of them. I especially appreciate the flower blossoms…I can’t believe how pretty everything is all of the sudden!

  • Jenny

    I have the same glasses as you for that first cocktail. Stemless! I love the look of stemless and even got stemless wine glasses too because they don’t break as easily. Spring is in the air~

  • Kim

    Tracey, what kind of shoes are those in the Home Depot shot?? Must know!!!

  • Marilyn

    I love the picture cooper took of you! It’s so rare to see pictures of yourself on your site. Love it!!! 🙂

  • marci

    so jealous spring has sprung! beautiful blossoms! we are anchoring to get much snow this week here in New England and are bracing for our continued winter – and counting the days ’til spring!

  • Denise

    Kids have such a great eye when you give them a camera! I got my first one at 5 years old and I love looking at some of the old photos. One of my favorite assignments when I was studying photography was shooting at kid level as well as a the level of a bug – completely changes the outlook!!! Very fun!

  • biobabbler

    I don’t know how, but I think your photography is getting EVEN BETTER! It’s going to require a license, soon. Shoot to KILL!


    FABulous, delicious shoes!

    I was on the road for 9 days, returned to CA, and while we were gone, all the orchards went POOF! And the world is covered in soft pink and white blossom-globes. Such a heavenly, precious, brief time of year. Lovely shots you got, of same. THANKS!!!

  • ashley

    that’s so awesome and cute and fun that you guys were taking portraits of each other. 🙂

  • LoriW

    Love your site, your humour, I’ve tried SO many of your recipes and COCKTAILS, and enjoy your weekly stream of consciousness in your Everyday Life. But now you’re partly responsible of making me an impulse shopper. As soon as I saw your new wedge shoes I ordered a pair online and they just arrived at my door. “Spring” on the East coast of Canada is still a ways away but that doesn’t mean flirty skirts and fabulous sandals can’t make an appearance over dinner with friends at home. Thanks for sharing your infectious shoe enthusiasm! I love my new sandals 🙂

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