November 10, 2016

The Best Writing Pens (part 2!)

Check out the Best Writing Pens on Shutterbean.com!

That’s right. Tracy, the pen enthusiast is back to talk about some of The Best Writing Pens!

I was super spoiled on one of my flights to Jamaica last week. There was an plug outlet in the seat in front of me AND TVs in the seats. I didn’t get much work done that flight, unless you consider watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, work. Somehow I always seem to keep up with them while I’m flying over something. It’s their makeup. I’m hooked.

Then I went home from Jamaica and had a flight that sent me to Philly and then to CA. Instead of charging my laptop at the airport in Jamaica, I was like “Oh, I got this. They have outlets.”  And then they did not.

I had a 6 1/2 hour flight home with:

  • 30% phone battery life
  • 30% laptop life
  • no TVs in the seats
  • no TVs at all
  • not even the music on the arm rest thing worked
  • ummm crap. are we slaves to electrical power or WHAT?!

That’s when I pulled out my pens and started writing. Somehow, way up there somewhere high in the clouds, I had myself a little pen party in the sky. It was actually really fun. I think I killed at least an hour doing it.

So, yeah.  I’m that girl who brings out her whole bag of pens and starts playing with them on the flight. Yes, I’ll let you watch me write. I can already see your eyes on my page. Don’t act like you didn’t just pay close attention to how I draw my capital R. It’s cool as long as you don’t harumph when I ask to get by you to head to the bathroom (the only bad thing about the window seat for an introvert).

I wrote about my favorite pens in March and since then I have incorporated a few more into my arsenal.

Best Writing Pens

This is all fun until you do the title last and you screw up the capital R (someone was watching me!!!). Oh well. Not all lists are perfect.

Best Writing Pens

Pentel Stylo up above. Never mind the sharpie bleed through. Those dang Sharpies!!!

Best Writing Pens

Pentel Plastic Fountain Pen is really good if you are scared of metal nibs cutting through your paper…and you’re super messy with ink.

Best Writing Pens

Pilot Dr. Grip – I honestly have no idea how this pen arrived in my life. Somehow…in the back of my mind I think that it was my dad’s pen? I dunno. It pleases my giant man hands. They’re definitely not surgeon hands. Any doctors care to weigh in on what grip doctors need when using a pen? Thank you in advance.

(I just read the description and it says that the design makes it so you don’t have to grip the pen as hard, alleviating hand stress!) I guess it’s like Dr. Scholl’s for pens.

Best Writing Pens

Uni Jetstream 1.0 – Thank you, reader!

Best Writing Pens

Tombow Hard     All the heart eye emojis for this one.

Best Writing Pens

Tombow Soft is my new lover. It’s what I used to make this list with.

Best Writing Pens

Sharpie Brush Pen is so much fun!!!

Best Writing Pens

Sharpie Chisel Tip is still my #1 Sharpie boo. Always + forever.

Be sure to check out my other post because THE MORE PENS, THE MERRIER!

The Best Writing Pens- Tracy from Shutterbean.com shares what's in her pen case!


What are you favorite pens these days?

I love it when we get all pen nerdy here.


  • Rebeca

    Fine tip pens for me! http://www.jetpens.com/Pilot-Hi-Tec-C-Gel-Pens-Standard/ct/284 I have the 0.4 and I LOVE it, but now that I’ve seen there are finer models, I want to try them!
    I like the Stabilo point 88 for making lists. I have them in many colours and use different ones for different purposes.
    These posts make me want to try new pens!

  • Deborah

    As a doctor, I’m sad to say that we don’t really write much anymore. Everything is electronic, and we actually get extra money from the government if we sent all of our prescriptions electronically. When I do write, I use the Staedtler Triples. It has free flowing ink – it’s basically a marker. It forces me to slow down when I write, so my handwriting stays neat (= legible!)

  • Abbey

    I love Muji pens! Gel ink ballpoint .38, please.

  • mary

    I can relate to Deborah above! I used to write ALL THE TIME, but now everything is done digitally so I write much less. As a result, my handwriting is not as good as it used to be (people have stopped and asked me about my handwriting – that’s how unique it is /was!?)…

    All that to say, I’ve jumped BACK on the fountain pen wagon – and on the Microns… Currently using Micron 005, 01, and even 02 on my bujo, and am loving the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen, the Lamy Safari EF fountain (in white!), and my all time go-to favorite Pentel Energel Needle Tip Roller ball!

    • Tracy

      you are speaking my language!! WHEW!

      it’s really a shame that everything is so digital now. although, i think i’m probably wittier when I can type out my thoughts and not be distracted by accidentally writing the wrong letter. It accesses a completely different part of my brain. When I misspell a word on the computer it lets me know. When I misspell a word I’m writing I may not realize it and if I do I have to problem solve how to correctly write the letter without messing up the flow.

      cooper is into handwriting too and it’s so much fun to see his style develop. He’s so bad at erasing though! Trying to teach him to be better at that.

  • Elizabeth

    I also love pens… but you are leaving out the very best one of all, a black Pilot G2 .05! Ha. Try it. And also it is really fun to drop $30 over at Jetpens.com every couple of years. : )

  • Heidi

    I’ve been rocking a plain old Papermate blue stick pen lately and loving it for some reason. My workmate borrowed it to sign something the other day and said “What is this pen out of the 80s doing here?”

    Other ones I love: Staples Brand OptiFlow and the Sharpie Extra fine. Not the ULTRA fine, Extra Fine. Huge difference. This pen gives me the pest handwriting, hands down.

    • Tracy

      Oh gosh. Those pens. My mom loved those pens. She would get them at COSTCO.

      I always felt like they would break with my grip. I also used to chew on pens when I was younger and those pens ALWAYS broke on me….leaving blue ink all over everything. Sometimes I didn’t even know I had pen on my face until I came home from school. Real cool Tracy, real cool.

  • Traci

    Tracy, the pen I would marry is the Pilot Metropolitan roller ball. Mine is a white metal body with a white tiger print accent. It is $15 but it is refillable. (Also known as the pen my co-workers want to steal when they borrow it.) You can get it at Goulet Pens or Amazon.

    • Tracy

      OOOOOOOHHHHH. Your pen sounds like a mythical beast. I would be the coworker who used it…asked to use it again…maybe another time juuuuuusssst to see how my handwriting looked in ALL CAPS, and then scurried over to her desk to order a box of them rush delivery on amazon.

  • Mila

    I’d love to watch a flip through of your journal(s?), I don’t know what it is about your handwriting but I love it. Every time it shows up on an instagram story of yours I get giddy. I actually like really fine pens. My current favorite is: Precise V5 RT. I also like the hi-tec-c’s and coleto’s. But I want to try your style of pen now, see if I can make my handwriting like yours, in the sense that it seems so free and fun.

    • Tracy

      I was thinking of doing a facebook live video. I will keep that in mind!!!

      love the precise v5 RT…. was on a v7 kick for awhile too

  • Priya

    I’ve said it before but I will say it again as I’m just THAT in love with it …. the German fountain pen Lamy safari (medium tip) is utterly gorgeous. Has mine 20+ years and love love love it!

    • Tracy

      That’s so cool that you have a pen for that long! They come in and out of my life so often I can’t keep track of them. Sometimes I find some of my old favorites in a new pile and it makes me incredibly happy.

  • Morgan

    Love my micron pens. They force me to slow down when I write.

  • Marci

    I love this post! I love pens, too.
    A couple of recommendations other than the awesome ones you have listed –
    Le Pen. Do you remember these from the 90’s? They come in a zillion different colors.
    Arhival Ink pens by Micro-Line. Come in different points.

  • Kelly

    I’m also obsessed with pens! I love Cello Butterflow pens more than any other pen. The wait for shipping on Amazon (from India) is a little long, but definitely worth it. I also like the Muji gel pen, but seriously, Butterflow wins.

  • Jessica

    Perfect timing — I’m addressing my save-the-dates this weekend and was wondering what pens to buy. Thanks!

  • Paul

    Tracy! I hear you!!! The first pen I fell in love with was a Rapidograph technical pen. Though it was a love/hate relationship. I loved drawing with it, but I hated the mouthful of ink I would get when I tried to suck out a clog! (Which happened on a regular basis!) And eventually I got tired of the unvarying line width. I like the Microns… but my favorite ink pen to draw with now is the lowly old Flair pen! But they are hard to find these days. Well, to be honest, my preferred drawing instrument is a black Prismacolor pencil!

  • Kristen

    I’m geeking out over this post because I’m like you and a bit of a pen freak. I love pens and am VERY particular about what I write with! My absolute favorite pen is the Staedtler .7 point pen. I can’t remember from your last post if you’ve tried this one, but I absolutely love this pen so very much!

  • Bites for Foodies

    I think I have an obsession for great writing tools…maybe because I’m a teacher?!? I want to go out and buy ALL of these now!!

    • Tracy

      Teachers need the right tools!!! 🙂 I almost typed write. That would have been punny.

  • Katheryn

    While this isn’t a pen question, it’s of the same vein. My 12-year-old enjoys trying out different styles of writing, so I thought he would love a book that shows/teaches lots of different styles. Can you recommend any?

  • Bradley Noah

    This is more about the pressurized refill that the pen barrel, although the standard barrel is perfect for how this pen needs to be used. For most people in most situations, the Uni-ball Jetstream is the best pen for the job. Its pigment-darkened ballpoint ink flows out smoothly

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