March 20, 2015

I love lists, Friday!



  1. This guy makes me giggle when I watch him eat bacon crust pizza.
  2. Love in the Time of Binge Watching
  3. How to live like an Instagram Fashion Girl
  4. 22 Things Creative People Do Differently 
  5. Famous Photos Recreated through Dioramas.
  6. Paintings made with coffee. Now I know what to do with leftovers..
  7. If men were able to get pregnant…
  8. Love this IKEA hack. Been wanting a mirror like that for awhile.
  9. Sheep cat is so fluffy!!
  10. GORGEOUS Easter Eggs.
  11. Added Real Sweet to my cookbook arsenal. Gonna bake you something soon!
  12. Just watching this makes my eyes water.
  13. The dressing on this salad looks killer.
  14. Kelly Clarkson’s cover of Give Me One Reason is so good.
  15. I’m thinking that these splatter napkins would be a good project for Cooper & I.
  16. My first order from Thrive Market comes this weekend and I’m excited!
  17. Insincere 5 Star Ratings on Uber are the biggest hidden problem
  18. These Lemon Meringue Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches look amazing.
  19.  Negativity Online-An Essay Inspired by 200,000 comments
  20. This is MY LIFE.
  • Meg Bollenback

    I’d be curious to hear how the Thrive order goes! I haven’t heard of that site before but it looks great. Also…the list of what would happen if men were able to get pregnant was HYSTERICAL. #7 and 13 were great.

  • Jen

    OMG, i’m so excited to place my first order on Thrive too! Did you know there was a rue la la offer for thrive yesterday?

    have a great weekend Tracy!

    • Tracy

      Oh no! I didn’t 🙁 I’m so impressed with their selection and the prices are really great. I hope it works out!

  • Abby

    I LOVE #4! And #20… yeah, I can relate.

  • Erin

    Can I just say, I love your lists. It means, of course, that I am trying to work my computer with 20 tabs open as I flip through each one.

  • Aliaksandra

    I’m with you on 20. I can think of at least one example from my life on every point! Discovered Thrive, love at first sight!

  • Amanda

    Never really been a Kelly Clarkson fan, but HOLY CRAP that cover is amazing!

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