dear white, tacky- yet tasteful christmas tree-

i miss you.  you made my living room so cheerful and happy the past month or so.  now i am left with an empty space that is having an identity crisis.   if only it was OK to have christmas trees in january, february, march and april……

missing you….can’t wait to see you next year. will you be decorated in blues again?



  • joslyn

    i can relate…our big empty spot where the tree once stood makes me melancholy every time i pass by!

  • erin

    my tree was late going up, and it’s late coming down. i still turn the lights on in order to make myself feel better.

  • Becky

    ours is still in the pot. time to replant 🙂

  • kassy

    if one had a fake tree could you leave it up all year round and change the
    decorations to suit the time of year? I keep wondering about this because our tree
    at work is still up even though its naked, and even without decorations it looks
    nice just standing there being cheerful.

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