July 1, 2020

Summer Bucket List 2020

We are already 10 days into Summer. How does it feel besides weird?! For the past 5 years,  I’ve been making a Summer Bucket List (with Cooper’s help) so we can be intentional about how we spend time during the Summer together as a family. It’s a great activity and it helps us all figure out what we want to get out of our time. 

Let’s dive into some of my past Summer Bucket Lists, shall we?

Summer Bucket list 2019

Summer Bucket List 2018

Summer Bucket List 2017

Summer Bucket List 2016

Summer Bucket List 2015

This year I put my Summer Bucket List in my Currently Workbook:

Here it is!

Summer Bucket List 2020

  • BBQ with friends
  • Art play dates
  • Beach adventures
  • Birthday hike
  • Deck projects
  • Make a cake
  • Road trip
  • Sew some stuff
  • Grow vegetables
  • Learn something new- take a Skillshare class 
  • Make a bouquet of flowers from flowers I grew in our yard. 

I am trying to manage my expectations for the summer this year. I think most of these things are achievable. We shall see!

If you’d like to play along and write down your Summer Bucket List, download the template.

Look! here’s a template for you!

Tracy from Shutterbean shares her Summer Bucket List for 2018. You can make yours too!

I’d love to see what your intentions are for the summer.

Fill it out and tag @thehandwritingclub on Instagram so we can see!


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