January 5, 2024


Water what waters you- I love lists // Tracy Benjamin


  1. Womp womp foods. 
  2. Perfectly organized things. 
  3. I wish my Mom could see Martha now. 
  4. Watch a 13 year old beat Tetris.
  5. Confessions of car salesmen. 
  6. Time travel: high school junior prom 1950s.
  7. The timeline of food trends from 2023.
  8. Twins reunion! 
  9. I don’t understand the appeal of cottage cheese.
  10. These little felted cuties.
  11. Wrist warmer research: one / two / three
  12. I am curious about a sheet pan salad situation.
  13. Saturday morning cartoon downfall.
  14. Reading about the 75 Hard fitness trend.
  15. Have you put cornstarch in your hot chocolate?
  16. Chat GPT is been given a face and it’s weird.
  17. My fave non-alcoholic drinks if you’re doing dry January.
  18. The best fitness goals that are not weight loss.
  19. How I lost 60 lbs. last year. 
  20. What I eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner now.

  • Courtney

    We have a channel here that has the old Saturday morning Cartoons, we as adults love to watch them, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, and especially Bugs Bunny!

  • Alicia A

    After checking on all of your list ( which I wait for every week)
    I read how you lost 60lbs.
    I figured out my emotional eating is having to have something bready and sweet when I drink tea or coffee. That’s going to be a hard one to change.
    Thank you for your “blog” support.

  • Sue

    Try cottage cheese with green onions and pepper. Eat with tomatoes and/0r sausage. Add a spoonful of cottage cheese to eggs for a fluffier omelet with added protein! Yum!

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