August 13, 2021


I only works if you do! I love lists arttwork by Tracy Benjamin


  1. Alternate angles of historical places/events
  2. Prepare for tears.
  3. Back to School inspo: my current favorite art supplies
  4. Let’s look at how much medical bills used to cost.
  5. Brb. Gonna find a sunset.
  6. The best makeover scenes in movies. 
  7. The cutest/prettiest kid’s book: The Tree in Me
  8. Who knew the world needed an Oreo cafe?
  9. It’s bougainvillea season!
  10. I cannot believe these were made with colored pencils.
  11. There’s art to be made with everyday things. 
  12. Let’s time travel to the 1890s.
  13. Camping gadgets: portable camp stove / solar charger / mosquito repeller
  14. Your garden TO DO list for August.
  15. Reminds me of the bag of flour I took care of in high school.
  16. I’m making this dish for myself since no one likes tofu & eggplant in my house. YUM.
  17. For the next time you grocery shop at Trader Joe’s! 
  18. Who knew that gun-shaped makeup compacts existed in the 1920s?
  19. Oh my word. I would be so excited if I saw this in person. 
  20. This makes me want to watch Lost in Translation again
  21. My favorite overalls are on sale this weekend! 


  • Alesa

    The list of best makeovers isn’t complete… where is “She’s Out of Control” from the 80s? I was obsessed as a kid!

  • Jamie

    The Paneer Tikka Masala is truly an AMAZING microwave meal, and I’m now in love with the Cold Brew Ice Cream w/Boba. So good!

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