April 13, 2008

87 degrees this weekend!

It was so hot in our bedroom on Saturday morning, that we took off our thick/winter duvet cover and bought this new one.  We must prepare for the warmer days ahead!

I really love it.

opinions needed: should we keep this new duvet cover?

Our neighbors dropped off some beautiful lilacs from their garden….

from the neighbors

I fed my green grape addiction…


I did a MASSIVE amount of gardening around the house. I’m pretty sure I will be sore tomorrow….

working in the yard

I put some hot links on the grill and we had ourselves a mini BBQ dinner as the sun was going down….

(*It was to honor the Red Sox game*-Casey says)

bbq hot links for dinner

Casey helped me chop the onions…

onions galore!

Did I ever tell you how much I LOOOOOVE mustard??

i looooooove mustard

There was nothing left in the end…

hot link!

I also made chocolate chocolate chip cookies…but had a disaster!  I’ll share the recipe when I MAKE IT WORK.

It was a nice mellow weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours too!

Off to watch more of Carnivale!

  • Michelle

    It was 100° in Whittier today. Ugh! I too need to ditch my duvet cover…but I can’t sleep without the “heavyness” on me….is that weird? Anyhoo, what kind of rolls/buns are those? Looks better than a regular hot dog bun.

  • Melisser

    Love that duvet cover & want my own! Cute gloves.

  • Val

    I love your weekends!!! And those hotlinks make me want to go to FENWAY…mmm

  • radish

    SO not fair — it’s 39 degrees outside this morning… 🙁 Our weekend was warmer though (so I can only partially complain). And yes, where are your sheets from? Particularly those stunning hotel style pillow cases? We’re LONG overdue for some new sheets!

  • Patricia Scarpin

    That is a big hot dog! I love mustard, too.

  • Karen

    Oh these are lovely photographs!

  • Tracy

    thanks for you comments everyone! Of course the moment I say the weather is nice it turns on us. It was super windy yesterday and when I woke up this AM it was 57 degrees in my house!

    radish- check pottery barn!

    thanks melisser! i know how much you love those animal prints!

    Michelle- they are columbo sandwich rolls. They make the perfect bun for substantial dogs 😉

    Val- I wanna go to Fenway soo bad!

  • jenifer

    i LOVE mustard too! yum.

  • Tracy

    it’s the best!

  • BDogg

    nice wiener

  • Tracy

    i take that as a compliment from you— you sure do know how to judge them!

  • christine

    Your gardening gloves are adorable! Do you always look so pretty while gardening?!

  • tracy

    target baby! it’s in the gardening section right now. The dress is target as well. And NO! I don’t always look like this…. I’m usually in my pjs when I garden- and my hair looks like a rat’s nest! ha! 🙂

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