February 16, 2018


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I LOVE LISTS! It’s Friday and here’s a LIST FOR YOU!

  1. Librarians are funny
  2. This is exactly how I feel right now. Travel should be part of your self care routine.
  3. Goals.
  4. Any dessert with banana and I’m yours.
  5. It’s not a college degree or nothing. 
  6. I want to make this soon.
  7. The hard act of balancing writing & social media.
  8. The most liked Instagram photo. This is 2018.
  9. This makes me want to take up needlepoint.
  10. The songs that bind. I think of this all the time since my Mom died.
  11. Snuggle up with this recipe & your boo.
  12. I dream of a Palm Springs getaway.
  13. What do people eat after getting dumped?
  14. See also: the best way to dine alone
  15. Google thinks the future is email.
  16. How to get over the anxiety of public speaking.
  17. The world’s blackest black looks like this.  I wonder how you photograph it properly…
  18. Our lives are going to be run by cardboard boxes.
  19. For my mother-in-law:
  20. I also want to go back to Vancouver.
  21. This is a scary world we live in.
  22. Kristen Bell handwriting sample.
  23. Baristas who need to get their hearing checked. Or people need to enuciate or both.
  24. Everyone asks me what my favorite pens are. Check out: Part One and Part Two
  25. Weekend Reading: The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook / I am Here Now


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My brush lettering teacher sent us this video this week and it made me happy. So sweet!

  • Susan

    I worked as a school librarian for a few years. We always had some fun with the signs and the displays. Librarians are a fun and witty bunch nowadays.

  • Ashley Hildebrand

    Come back to Vancouver! You need to go to Nemesis (nominated for best new cafe in the WORLD by the Sprudgie’s) honestly, everything they do is amazing. Head there for an early/light brunch at 9 on a Sunday, walk around and window shop in Gastown the rest of the afternoon, catch the Steamclock on the hour, and hit up Meat & Bread or Tacofino for some refueling.

    You also need to eat everywhere that was on your list. But I’d say go to the Fish Counter instead of Go Fish. Walk your way up Main Street shopping at all the thrift/used clothing shops (Front & Co has got you), stop at 49th Parallel for coffee & donut refuel (they’re better than Cartem’s ;)),

    Speaking of donuts, you need to do a hike in North Vancouver at Quarry Rock (easy but a little busy) and you MUST have Honey’s donuts afterwards. YOU MUST Tracy. Maybe some avocado toast at Cafe Orso too, or a healthy buddha bowl or green juice at Bluhouse. If you love it so much you want to go back, reserve some kayaks ahead of time online, and head back for a kayak around the Cove.

    Have you guys been up the Sea to Sky gondola in Squamish yet? Do that. Maybe pack a charcuterie lunch (shopped for on Granville Island; pick up some croissants from Beaucoup while you’re there, it’s in walking distance from Granville Island) and take the gondola up (you can hike up but it will take 3-3.5 hours but it will save you $20/person), and pair it with the four way fruit ale from Howe Sound Brewery at the top of the mountain (that beer will taste DAMN good after a hike)

    Also, Earnest is good, but Rain or Shine Ice Cream has Taco Tuesday, and Umaluma (Chinatown) is KILLING the vegan ice cream game. While you’re in Chinatown, you must try Jukes Fried Chicken or Virtuous Pie (completely vegan pizza). There’s no amazing coffee shops in Chinatown, so spend Happy Hour there instead (try Juniper if you’re craving gin).

    Oh my goodness, there’s just so much. When you need a break from all the heavy restaurant food, head to either Kokomo (Chinatown) for plant-based dreams, or Chau Veggie.

    And if you do come, honestly, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email. I’d love to give you more suggestions on where to stay, what to do and of course, what to eat! (ashleyehildebrand@gmail.com)


    Thank you so much for featuring our ” Why travel should be part of your self care routine” article! This is a great round up

  • Beryl

    You should give embroidery a try. It’s wonderfully soothing and very portable. Perfect for those times waiting for kids and it keeps you off your phone. And don’t fret if you’re not very good at first. Just do it for fun!

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