My Everyday Life: Week 15

Here’s what this past week looked like.

Bedtime shenanigans. Tonight’s excuse for not being in bed– I need to blow my nose.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

A cinnamon raisin English muffin with cream cheese, a cappuccino & strawberries = breakfast.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Food Posse girls night at Spruce!

My Everyday Life: Week 15

This is Mr. Nobody. Cooper finally has an imaginary friend.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Making Lemon Ginger Crispy Treats.

Lemon Ginger Crispy Treats // shutterbean

Breakfast this morning. SUNNY!! Toasted bread with avocado, scallions & a fried egg on top.

Casey got leftover rice with scallions & a fried egg on top.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Before a doctor’s appointment.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

He was crying over the letter C. Two minutes later he was rejoicing over the letter C.

Being a 4 year old is hard. He wants so badly to be able to read & write and gets upset when his letters aren’t perfect.

I wonder where he gets that from….

My Everyday Life: Week 15

If you listen to the podcast, I FOUND THE TIE DYE DRESS I WANTED!! 

My Everyday Life: Week 15

A rainbow bus.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Bath time is full of laughter. It might be full of bathroom talk too…

My Everyday Life: Week 15

The rush before school.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Favorite dinner of the week: Grilled salmon with rice, avocado & spinach.

Drink= pink grapefruit soda & vodka with a lemon slice.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Cereal leftovers. I remind myself that some day I’ll miss it.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

New growth!

My Everyday Life: Week 15

A moment of awe.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Errand running.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Family drawing time.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Football time!

My Everyday Life: Week 15


My Everyday Life: Week 15

Leaving for school.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

We had a wonderful day hanging out with Shauna, Danny & Lucy (from Gluten Free Girl & the Chef) in SF.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

These two became FAST friends. I had a feeling they would.

I find that Cooper can be the best barometer of who is full of goodness. Kids have amazing intuition.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

All week Cooper has asked to watch the videos I took of the two of them together.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

I hope that we can visit them one day on Vashon. That would be my dream.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

He drew a picture of her. Pretty much the best thing ever….

My Everyday Life: Week 15

Future Fashion Blogger?

He really is into clothes… It’s totally a Libra thing…

My Everyday Life: Week 15

A broccoli cheddar scramble.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

I’ve been kind of obsessed with Phoenix Lake lately. It’s a beautiful place in Marin to go for a walk/hike.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

We went with the intention of looking around but were hiking for an hour. Not appropriate footwear but whatevs.

My Everyday Life: Week 15

I daydream about going to Camp ALL THE TIME. Some of my best memories involve being outdoors.

My Everyday Life: Week 15


My Everyday Life: Week 15

Just us three.

My Everyday Life: Week 15



  • jessica


  • Elise

    I love that you wear dresses all the time. I need to start incorporating more comfy dresses into my wardrobe. I’ve become too much of a pants person. Lovely post!

  • Shannon W.

    I just found your blog through Zite. Any chance you will share the source of your red sandals? They’re really cool. Thanks!

  • Sini

    Oh I love this week’s pictures. Especially the first one! My excuse was always “I have to drink some water”.

  • Hannah Lesley

    I always look forward to your week in pictures! They are all so beautiful!

  • Michelle

    so many fun photos in this post ! that broccoli scramble looks delic by the way !!

  • layla

    Those red sandals are amazing! A-MAZE-ING! where are they from? I need them in my life.

  • Erika

    I love the sandals. 🙂

  • Denise Ruggeri

    I love the sandals, too, and need them in my life! Where did they come from?

    • Tracy

      They are salt-water sandals. I got them online a few years ago. I think the place I bought them from went out of business, but I’m pretty sure a google search can land you a pair!

  • Angela

    I love your pictures! The broccoli-cheddar scramble looks yummy!

  • erinlucy

    oh my goodness the picture of cooper with a tear running down his cheek is so sweet. breaks my heart! it’s so true, being a little kid is tough

  • Gaby

    Looks like an awesome week! Thanks for sharing a little of this joy and beauty with us here and on Instagram!

  • tracy {pale yellow}

    So glad you found the tie-dye dress of your dreams. I was at Old Navy, saw the black/white stripe dress from the podcast and thought “what the heck?” So I tried it on and then purchased, so easy and fun!

  • Sarah

    That broccoli cheddar scramble looks the bizness! A recipe would be ace. And I love all these pictures of your little man – being a kid is serious business.

  • Sarah

    “He was crying over the letter C…” aww haha, you seriously have one of the cutest kids!

  • Denise Ruggeri

    Re: the red sandals…….Found them on Amazon this a.m. and ordered them….hope my feet look as cute as yours…

  • snappystreet


    The second last photo is to die for, and those cute little faces could light up any room 🙂

  • Jenny

    Pink grapefruit soda with vodka sounds good. I see this grapefruit soda at trader joes that just might do the trick.

  • Nicki Woo

    I really love these posts. They always fill me up inside. Now, I’m going to have a happy day. . . .and try to remember to take pics of my own. Thanks for sharing!

  • jamie @ green beans & grapefruit

    I so adore these posts! Cooper and Lucy are two peas together!

  • Mandy

    The letter photo made me weep. My little guy has this perfectionism/frustration/determination cycle that came flooding at me when I saw Cooper’s tear. Oh, the love.

  • Laura

    Tracy, your Every Day Life brightens my week. I look forward to seeing the pictures every Sunday! Thank you for celebrating the beauty of every day.

  • Kate

    How old is your little guy now? I get confused because you said he’s four but is he in kindergarten? FYI-I work with kindergartners and crying over letters, as well as math, is pretty standard. Also, I am studying for the GRE right now and I cry over math. Sometimes learning makes you cry.

  • Colleen

    Love these posts, just love them!! Please let us know about your navy sandals with your awesome dress….

  • biobabbler

    That shot of Cooper suffering the brain pain of learning, and working so hard to do something well, is so poignant it kills me. I still remember sitting outside during recess (1st grade??) STARING SO HARD at this tiny book to MAKE THE LETTERS INTO WORDS and READ. SO hard.

    Oh, I JUST got the significance of getting a C right. For Cooper. Glad he has such a great coach who totally gets his pain. =)

    Re: Kate’s comment (re: GRE), I was a natural resources statistics teaching assistant, and people taking the midterm, TWENTY-SOMETHING year-olds, cried in class. I couldn’t believe it. But, I love numbers, so tho’ it’s challenging, it’s not excruciating for me. For other people who may already have math anxiety and shaky fundamental skills, it was apparently too much. Poor things!

    However, as my friend reminded me when I was learning something new at work so, therefore, SUCKED AT IT, when you’re feeling brain pain is EXACTLY when your brain is growing and getting more and more healthy and lucid.

  • Francesca

    Your son is the cutest little thing ever!! That drawing… so cuute!! You guys are the perfect family. Love your pictures, KEEP UP THE AWESOMENESS!!! xxxxx

  • Jen

    I’m obsessed with Vashon Island…

  • Shawna

    Tracy, I’m listening to the March 14 Joy The Baker podcast right now “A-parent-ly” – I, too, have a Spirited Child (Jack, 5.5) and Raising Your Spirited Child is a great book but what really helped us was going to a Spirited Child class at Kaiser Oakland. It’s a parents only class (no kids) and it was just so great for us because we realized that we weren’t the only ones going through this and no, we’re not horrible parents and it’s not our fault, it’s just the way he’s wired. And then once we realized all of this and how to deal with Jack’s temperament, our lives are soooo much easier now. I still feel like hiding under the covers sometimes when he flips out on the smallest things that “normal” kids would just blow off, but the class helped a lot. I highly recommend it! And I don’t think you have to be part of Kaiser to join the class.

    • Tracy

      Thanks for the info!!!! I’m going to have to check it out! Thank you for also sharing about your experience! I appreciate that. It feels so nice to know that other people know what’s up!!!

  • Amalie

    I love your photos sooo much! what area do you live in? we live dead center in SF

  • Laura

    Tracy I love your photos! Such beautiful light. And I really hope you do a new house tour soon!

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