November 25, 2009

Fried Egg with Mushrooms & Spinach

say hello to my lunch!

Today I got my first produce CSA delivery from Planet Organics!  So far, I am happy with the experience although my bill is not what it should have been…Must clear that up!

first delivery

In the mix, I ordered two bag of mushrooms (just for me!!).  They became the inspiration for lunch today.


I put some butter in a hot skillet and sauteed the mushrooms.  I added a bit of thick aged balsamic and stirred it around…letting them brown a bit.  I then added a handful of the fresh spinach because I couldn’t let that browny goodness on the bottom of my pan go to waste.

I popped a slab of sourdough bread in the oven to toast (I do not own a toaster!)

I took out the mushroom spinach mixture and fried an egg right in the pan.

i cannot resist a poke

Put it all together, and topped the egg with some of that aged balsamic..and of course salt & pepper!

say goodbye to my lunch

Lunch was good to me.

  • kickpleat

    Indeed, sounds like a great lunch to me too.

  • alex*strawberrylemonade

    I love that you just DO IT. And in the time it took someone else to heat a lean cuisine or make a mediocre sammie, you cooked up a gourmet meal. You are amazing tracy….i always love seeing what you have cookin’!!!

  • gina

    Looks delicious! I love the “look” of mushrooms…but hate the taste 🙁

  • Tracy

    J- this lunch is right up your alley! nom!

    alex- it’s the leo in me…which means my kitchen is always a mess cuz i’m doing too much at once. I am sure you know this well!! I find that if I’m at home with the Coops, I have to carve out some “me” time and I treat myself to a yummy lunch while he sleeps. and thank you! xoxo

    gina- that’s sad! my husband doesn’t like mushrooms but he is slowly converting…there might be some hope!

  • nags

    yumm that must’ve been for sure 🙂

  • Sara@SproutedKitchen

    eggs and toasts! favorite meal EVER. yours looks so pretty and fresh, I want it.

  • kat

    that looks incredibly delicious; sometimes it’s the ‘simplest’ meals that really hit the spot huh!

  • Sharon

    Oh my, so simple but so delicious!!! Something I would do, with my looooooooove for poached eggs 🙂 The groceries look lovely and fresh.

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