halloween shows its face

on my mantle!


halloween is coming

the mantle

i jazzed up some candles


now that that’s done, I am off to make a mess in the kitchen.

  • Stacy

    Well I have to say, though I am not a fan of the Halloween Holiday, I love the decor! What a tasteful display for the Haunted Holiday that’s on it’s way.

  • Lindsey

    Did you intentionally match the decor with your shirt, or did that just happen. Either way, I love it!

    Happy halloween!

  • Stiffler

    Looks great. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
    Are you having a Halloween party?
    Don’t forget to show some photos of the little guy in his costume.

  • Amanda

    Oh my god Tracy!!! that is one festive spread! I totally slacked off this year, and I was so ready to decorate my first home all by myself. But I’m looking forward to decorating my new place come Christmas.

  • Jessica

    You have the most amazing, gorgeous style– I love it!

  • Anne-Marie

    Wonderful display – and I love how your top matches so beautifully with the decor. Since you knew you would be in the photos (at least some of them), it was a brilliant final touch.

  • Tracy

    thank you everyone! I actually didn’t match my shirt to the mantle on purpose. It’s blue and white striped, but reads as black & white! A happy accident 🙂 Not sure what I have planned for Halloween- but now I realize that I have to figure that out!

  • tara

    This is THE most fantastic display. Halloween has never looked so modern and elegant. Love it.

  • laura

    Wow that is a crazy beautiful mantle. Some day my kids will be old enough to quit helping me. Until then all our decorations will be lumped in one spot and left to gather dust. Our tree will be decorated 4 feet and under too.

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