Makeshift Pizza!

pizza time

Before we had Cooper, I used to have a weekly girl night with two of my friends.

Those days seem sooo far away now….

One of the nights, my friend made us pizzas using this flatbread from Trader Joe’s. I fell in love. I couldn’t believe how simple it was, and how easily it all came together. I decided that this past Friday would be date-night (at home). So I threw together some pizzas…poured us some wine…and we chowed down and watched a movie. Casey loved them and I was stoked that we didn’t have to shell out $20+ for a pizza.

Here’s the flatbread- Pick some up at Trader Joe’s next time you are there!

thanks to trader joes flatbread!

makeshift pizza!

I spread some sauce on top. Added some toppings. Threw them all in the oven on a cookie sheet. Temperature was set for 400 degrees. About 20 minutes later- TADA!

Combos included-

Sausage, Basil, Red Onion & Cheese


Pesto, Red Onion, Mushrooms & Cheese

my slice

Soooo good. SOOOOOO good.

pizza on a friday night

The flavor combos are endless.

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