January 17, 2010

Beet Greens, Pepper & Cucumber Juice

I’ve started to collect scraps of fruit & veggie leftovers throughout the week.  I save the scraps in a bag in the fridge and pull stuff out to be juiced.  It’s a great way to get something out of the waste that feeding a toddler can create.  A few cucumber spears here…a few slices of yellow bell pepper…beet greens leftover from a salad….

Suddenly, you have a healthy, vibrant juice.


This week’s juice includes:

  • beet greens
  • cucumber
  • yellow bell pepper
  • some ginger for good measure

The best part is the color.  Isn’t it pretty?  It’s super refreshing too.  I love how bell pepper tastes when it’s juiced.


Now it’s time for me to enjoy this frothy goodness.

frothy froth

It’s amazing what leftovers can produce 🙂

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