365- Week 17

A food related photo everyday until 2012. Here’s week 17:

126/365 Poached Halibut with spinach & a garlic vinaigrette at Piperade

poached halibut

125/365 Afternoon snack courtesy of Julie.

afternoon snackage

124/365 Artichoke laden salad from the salad bar.


123/365 Making Strawberry Clafouti for breakfast.

strawberry clafouti for breakfast!

122/365 Wasabi peas. I forgot how much I love them.

i forgot

121/365 Making Strawberry Lemon Basil Soda!

the making of a strawberry basil soda

120/365  Strawberry tasting at Driscoll’s Berry Farm.

strawberry tasting

  • K.

    Oh my God that clafoutis picture literally made me drool…I feel like my life would be so much more better if I knew how to make some…(wink wink) 🙂

  • Thumau Nyna

    Hi. i recently discovered your blog/site on stumbleupon and since then havent been able to take my eyes of it. i thot id comment after id read all your posts and its 9 am at work and yay! ive read them all. really looking forward to more. You have truly inspired me to get off my butt and rekindled my love for cooking. Hav a 10 mnth old baby girl http://www.alaaniya.com. So if u can do all that with Coop i should be able to do as well :). Recommending shutterbean to everyone! Great Job! (btw i live all the way in Maldives and we dont get much of those heavenly strawberries that ur using all the time. sigh.)

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