January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

We said goodbye to 2009 with lobster!  It’s been a wonderful tradition at my parent’s house for almost 10 years.

Last night we had 25lbs between 7 adults.  I’d say that’s pretty good, right?


My brother Ryan showed Coop a few of the lobsters.


He was a bit fascinated by them.

get that lobster!

We always start off the meal with Mom’s Linguine & Clams.

linguine & clams

This year I made a huge bowl of Simple Caesar Salad.

hail caesar

And onto the main course! My mom steams the lobsters in a beer/water mixture.

damn it feels good to be a gangsta

I picked this fella first…and then Casey & I split another big guy. MMMM butter.

what up prettie lady

And onto dessert!  My sister-in-law set up a Make your own Sundae bar!!

sundae bar!

Chocolate & strawberry ice cream with bananas, nuts, strawberry sauce & whipped cream!!

Oh! There was a drizzle of hot chocolate sauce too! Soooooo divine!

ice cream sundae!

With the help of 6 bottles of red wine 1 bottle of champagne….

happy new year!

We made it to midnight & watched the fireworks from my parent’s house.

NYE 2009 was pretty epic!  Here’s to 2010!

  • kat

    sounds like a wonderful new year’s! happy 2010!

  • Michelle

    The lobsters look kind of festive in the box w/ all their multicolored bands. : )
    Happy New Year.

  • jenny

    ok that’s it.
    i wanna be adopted. i can be the red headed step child!

  • Ruth

    I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I think it was a search last year for a brussel sprouts recipe. Yours is the only blog that I regularly check, and when I come upon a new post it is as exciting as an unanticipated UPS box wedged in my front door. Thanks so much for the lovely photos, charming vignettes and inspiring recipes.

  • Tracy

    ok jenny! My mom would totally loooove you.

    Ruth- THANK YOU SOOOOO much! That made my day 🙂 Did you try the sprouts??!

  • Camille

    Everything looks amazing! Your blog is visually stunning. I’ve been reading for a couple years and this is my first time commenting. Btw, How gorgeous is your brother??? Oh my word!!! LOL

  • maomau

    yumz, that is some meal to finish up 2009! happy new year!

  • Ruth

    I make the sprouts all the time! They are my husband’s favorite vegetable, but I never cared for them much. Now I’m a convert.
    Today my 8th grader Dash went back to school from winter break. His school day starts at 7:00 am, and he eats lunch at 10:30 (!) and then doesn’t eat again until he is home at 3:00. Wait until Coop is 13 – it is so much fun to cook for ravenous teenagers. I had made Spanish rice and a fajita mixture last night and was inspired by your freezer burritos to try that out for Dash’s lunch. They actually stayed warm until lunch time, and he loved them. So thanks again!

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