Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! We sure did!

happy halloween!

Cooper was a Red Sox player. We TRIED to get him to wear a hat…but no dice.

He always takes them off the second we put them on him.


I was all spidery. My neighbor made me a spider hat! Isn’t it cool?!

I painted a web on one side of my face with eyeliner and then put the spiders on the other side of my hair.
I spray- painted some cheapie black plastic spiders silver & glittered them.

Not a true costume…but better than nothing!

I wore stripey tights and made a pumpkin cake with brown butter frosting (recipe coming soon!)

The two aren’t really related, but they both happened.

Casey dressed up as a Hawaiian tourist! Guess who got to carry my heavy camera all night long? hee hee

the tourist & the red sox player

We went over to my neighbors house for dinner. She made us toad in a hole with yummy gravy & roasted veg.

Cooper had a really good time trick or treating!

He got right to it!

and we're off

At the first house, he tried to walk INTO the house after he took the candy! By the 5th house he was a pro.


He insisted on holding his bucket the whole night. Wouldn’t let anyone touch his candy!

Every time he was given candy he said “thankin!” (his way of saying thank you) Made me so proud!

he was a pro by the end

After living in our house for 4 years, we finally got to go around and check out the neighborhood.

A few blocks away, we encountered an INSANELY festive street. Every house went really ALL out.


Made me so happy to go trick or treating!  For decades we’ve just been the adults behind the door with the candy!

Can’t wait for all the years to come! Now it’s time to eat some cake and take off all this eyeliner!

Happy Halloween!

  • Janet

    Cooper is soo cute, and you look gorgeous! I love the spider hat and the sparkly silver spiders!

  • michelle @ The Domestic Mama

    LOL! My little one is 3 and she just “got it” this year. BUT- all night she insisyed on leaving a pink rock in her shoe….it was her “lucky” rock-so the bad rocks don’t go in her shoe. But the end of the night it wore a hole in her “shoe” which was really more like a slipper. Lol. Kids are fun, I am happy to not be behind the door anymore, too! 🙂 What’s toad in the hole? I guess I could google it, but um… you ate it…. 🙂 Cake looks delish, too!

    • Tracy

      How hilarious! Kids are awesome. Toad in a Hole is the British version of pigs in a blanket! My neighbor is from England and she introduced us to it. Think Yorkshire pudding with sausage in the middle!

  • Katrina

    Your costume looked awesome….and your sons of course. What a cutie! Happy Halloween!!

  • maggy@threemanycooks

    So cute! Cooper is adorable. And I love your costume and face paint. It’s beautiful!

  • emily s

    You look adorable!

  • miss james

    spoooooky. look at your cute little slugger… what a cutie. your spider hat is devine and i just love stripey tights. kiss noise!

  • Dana

    You look so pretty! And Cooper, well, come on. ADORABLE. My kids had a blast this year but Spencer did get tired toward the end and asked to go home.

    • Tracy

      We tried to get Cooper to sit in a wagon at one point but he just WOULD NOT GO. Gotta be moving up until the point of exhaustion. Slept well last night for sure. I can’t wait until the day he tells me he’s too tired. What did the boys wear?!

  • alix*modernkiddo

    you look gorgeous chica.
    also….Cooper is amazing……his little body reminds me of wolfie’s and (without sounding like a creeper ) i just wanna squeeze his widdle legs and butt!!!! hahaha.


    • Tracy

      that could be arranged….i understand you. They are absolutely irresistible. I know this. ESPECIALLY in little leggings!

  • Megan Gordon

    Ahh…awesome. I have a special place in my heart for Cooper’s costume after having gone to school in Boston and falling in love with the Red Sox. Looks like you had a great night (and that cake looks, um, amazing).

  • Rose

    Loving the web-mask make-up, very spooky-chic 🙂

  • Jessica

    Ahh! A mini baseball player! Sooo cute! My little niece (19 mos.) was the tooth fairy because she is obsessed with toothbrushes. 😀 Your costume is so awesome and pretty!! And that was pretty brilliant to have Casey be your camera toting tourist. 🙂

  • erin e woot

    Spidah!!! Yer Halloween looked like lots of fun. I miss our Halloweens past, but seeing Coopie reach for that doorbell makes the present so worthwhile. Still, I miss you very much.

    • Tracy

      It’s weird how much times have changed, yet things are different- and still good. You are still prettie, and that’s all that matters.

  • Caitlin

    This is a year behind, but LOVE your Halloween makeup. LOVE. I’ll have to use that as inspiration one of these Halloweens..

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