Thanksgiving Decor 2010

mantle thanksgiving 2010

I was getting my house tidy last week for a certain house guest, and got motivated to take down my Halloween decorations. I normally keep them up until after Thanksgiving, but I kind of missed the clock that rests in the center of the mantle. I never realized how much I look at the clock until I took it away. I’d catch myself looking at the glittered black skull in the center of the mantle for the time! DOH!


I wondered if I should really decorate for Thanksgiving? Christmas is just around the corner…do I need to put that much effort in? YES and NO!

So I simply took away the spiders, web & snakes.

My silver birds made another appearance! I left up my white pumpkins too.


And framed a THANK YOU note, to keep in the spirit of Thanksgiving.


It will do! I’m excited for Christmas coming up! EEEEK!


But for now I have a nice little reminder to be thankful for all the good things I have in my life.

Thank you!

  • Nini

    T, try using orange candles to bring the color up higher. Aren’t you going away for thxgiving? I was going to do a fun cooking memory, but didn’t want to mess up your contest since I am ineligible becuz my son is sleeping with the judge!

    • Tracy

      I will next year! Those candles are the battery operated light up kind- they are orangey when they are lit! Looks really nice at night!
      We are going to my mom’s for turkey day! What are you guys doing?
      Go ahead and tell me one. If you get picked, I’ll just ignore you! 😛

  • Deon

    I love the decorations. Its simple and thoughtful and festive.
    I bought some little pumpkins and funny shaped gourds to deco for thanksgiving since its at my house this year… the only problem is that I have a very curious dog named Blanket. I can only imagine what my house is going to look like if I leave them throughout the house. Ugg!
    I cant wait to see the Christmas decorations… I saw last years… totally to die!


  • Cheryl

    Remember how I invited you to my house?

    I hereby officially retract the invitation. We’re hanging at your house instead.

    • Tracy

      That would be nice….but I don’t think I could carry on a conversation with Mr. Active Pants. He runs around like he owns the place! 😉

  • michelle @ The Domestic Mama

    I need to thank you and Joy, Joy because that’s how I found you, and you because the day I found you- you inspired me in so many ways- I love that you don’t blog about just one thing, I love that it’s random and fun and I love that you frame thank you cards. 🙂 You rock- thanks for inspiring me. Have an awesome T-day!

  • Sarah

    I love the idea to frame a thank-you note! Brilliance! Gee, I wish my decor skills matched yours.

  • CollegeGirl

    Can I just say – I am a college student who loves all things cooking, and unfortuately, due to the drab surroundings and lack of functional kitchen, I resort to reading food blogs to cure my addiction… – and yours is one of the BEST I’ve seen.. I just opened it up on a whim, and read all the way back to JUNE of this past year! Your pictures are beautiful and the recipes are fabulous, cant wait to try them when I get back home for december break… keep up the good work!

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