April 8, 2011

365- Week 13

A food related photo every day until 2012. Here’s Week 13:

97/365  Roasted strawberries for breakfast with pineapple Greek yogurt.

(I’ll post the recipe soon! It’s from the new Super Natural Every Day Cookbook)

roasted strawberries

96/365 Pan fried zucchini with Parmesan & lemon for lunch at home.

lunch at home today

95/365 Drinking Boozy Cucumber Coolers

cucumber coolers!!!!

94/365 Afternoon snack in the sun.

i am totally rubbing it in, huh?

93/365 Introducing Julie to my new obsession- sunflower seed butter!

julie tries sunflower seed butter

92/365 Meatloaf sandwich, chips & Polaroid camera. Last day of the Joy Retreat.

the last hurrah

91/365 I taught the ladies how to make a perfect fried egg. I made about 18 of them that day!

teaching how to make fried eggs

  • Carly

    I really enjoy your blog–just wanted to let you know that your latte art is looking good in that first picture!

  • bianca

    The photo of your breakfast kinda makes me want to return to this morning and have THAT for breakfast. But then I remembered I hate mornings. Who am I kidding I’ll probably have it for dinner with a boozy cucumber cooler!

  • France

    Sunflower butter sounds very interesting. Do you have a recipe you recommend for that?

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