My Everyday Life: Week 13

Here’s what this past week looked like:

I have this habit of messing with my hair while I’m working on the computer and then I occasionally catch a glimpse of my reflection in the computer screen and think WHOA.

Sunbathing kitty.

Reading this book while eating lunch.

Lunch was a Strawberry Arugula Salad with Goat Cheese & Pecans.

A family adventure to Mill Valley.

We ate at Boo Koo. Cooper got the kid’s meal. I was jealous! We got our bahn-mi fix there.

Something captivating is happening out the window.

Not the first time I’ve seen this sign…but it makes me laugh every time I see it somewhere.

This boy is always on the move.

Tile work that caught my eye.

Naughty! Slice & Bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Nap time. Sometimes I just want to run in there and give him hugs & kisses.

Spinach salad with cashews, avocado, feta & roasted chicken.

On a walk in the city.

Cloud shapes.

Zoning out. I just stare at him ALL THE TIME.

I love sunny weekend mornings.

At a mall.

Window shopping.

“I had a BIG rough day, Mama.”

At a stop light. Heaven.

Breakfast with my friend Leslie at The Dipsea Cafe in Mill Valley.

Uncle Monkey spent the night this week. Cooper is obsessed with him.

When Cooper went to bed we watched Anchorman and Casey busted out his candy stash for his brother.

Cooper had Pajama Day at school this week.

Breakfast for dinner.

At Anthro….in love with this dang mirror.

Adult playdate.

Cooper likes to eat the seeds out of cucumbers. Sometimes it’s just the seeds.

My husband LOVED this dinner I made last night.

Sitting at the kitchen table looking up.

Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Tami-TeacherGoesBackToSchool

    that first picture of your hair cracked me up! i used to wake up looking a lot like sid vicious.

  • Morgan

    Hi Tracy! Where do you get all of your large plate/bowls like the ones in the second to last picture? I love them!

    • Tracy

      I have a few from anthropologie & I got some cool Asian ones at my local hippy grocery store 🙂

  • Jane M

    Anyone who keeps a bottle of that hot sauce on the table is very very brave in my opinion. Just sayin!

  • jenny

    all your salads look great! I can’t wait until strawberries are in season here. just two more months…!

  • Vanessa

    Wow your salads are inspiring! Ill definitely have to make them this week. Actually all of your food photos looked tasty – what was the dinner your husband loved?

    • Tracy

      I mixed store-bought tabouleh with fresh cucumbers & tomatoes and mixed hummus in it. Then I took sausage out it’s casing and grilled them in my panini press. I added hummus & pita chips on the side. 🙂

    • Ronni

      I’m inspired, too. Your combinations of flavors is key. I declare next week “salad for lunch” week.

  • Ashley

    Gosh. That kid is THE CUTEST!!!

  • Amber

    Two things, I stare at my kid a lot too, he probably thinks I’m a weirdo. Two, in that mirror you look a lot like Ginnifer Goodwin.

  • Jessica

    Hi Tracy,
    love these posts so much! I see you got a new tote. It’s adorable. Mind if I ask where it’s from?

  • Freddi

    Tracy, these are the posts I look forward to most every week, it’s so cool to see you out and about, you have a good eye for photographs!

  • Tieghan

    OMG that kid is so cute!!! Loving all the colorful food you eat!! Strawberry season is getting closer!! So happ about this!

  • Sarah

    Tracy, love those jeans! Your legs look great in them. I also have batards for legs, and I am going to have to try that cut.

  • Ellie

    Really digging the stripes on stripes on stripes photo!

  • Jamie

    Your boy is beautiful.
    I still can’t stop looking at my own boy who is now 15 and towers over me…and still beautiful.
    Love all of your photos!

  • Evelyn

    I think these photos are my faves so far, Tracy! First of all, Cooper? Totally a handsome little guy! Second, I’m growing out my pixie-cut, and your hairstyle is definitely a good pit-stop for me these days (I’m always so afraid of the back turning into a mullet…:S…but you prove it’s avoidable!). Always love your sky pics! Thanks for another great set of pics.

  • Mel

    Haha I love that you caught your friend taking a picture of her food as well.

  • Jen

    Sometimes I just want to hug my Larkin during nap time too…then I realize that is a crazy crazy bad idea…never wake a sleeping baby ! (Toddler)

  • Krystina

    That picture of your hair! Love that. Also, love that you can see a faded photo of you and an umbrella!

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