My Everyday Life: Week 39

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Waiting for a soda date.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Selfie with a side of wind. Awesome necklace from Stitch Fix!

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Sometimes you just need bourbon…. on a TUESDAY.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

For maj.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

This lunch was styled by a savage. I am that savage.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

This week I’ve been OBSESSED with Pumpkin Pancakes. They’re actually Paleo.

2 eggs, 1/4 cup pumpkin puree, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon maple syrup, 1/2 t. pumpkin spice & 1/2 t. cinnamon. Mix and then cook in a bit of coconut oil. BOOM.

My Everyday Life: Week 39


Banana pancakes.  I ran out of pumpkin…so I subbed in a banana instead.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Roasted peppers & baby broccoli, Curry Cauliflower Soup & MY KILLER GARLIC BREAD.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Someone on Instagram said this looked like Jurassic Park. I’m so amused by that.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Cloud stripes.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

AHHHHHHHH.  Still walking (ALMOST) everyday. I probably wouldn’t be so motivated if it wasn’t for my Fitbit.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Blue yellow & red.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Dude looks like a lady.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Roasted Strawberries….the aftermath!

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Sometimes I just sit on our stairs and stare at the sky.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

After rain. Puffy goodness.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

In the next month that green will turn red.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Proof that I don’t always wear BLACK.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Pie date!

My Everyday Life: Week 39

A bowl full of health.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Beaded up.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Fresh air does a body good.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Pear, fennel & cucumber juice.

My Everyday Life: Week 39


My Everyday Life: Week 39

I wore orange socks. Celebrate!

My Everyday Life: Week 39

This morning.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Rainy afternoon last weekend.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Fried sage, brown butter & roasted hazelnuts…

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Paired with roasted squash.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

The sun on my shoulders.

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Hope you have a great weekend! XO

  • Jenna

    Loving the item on your to do list! Haha. Great photos, as always!

  • Emily

    Tracy! PLEASE tell me you are working on pursuing food photography or some other kind of street/magazine photography as an alternative career. The photo with the fork and the squash is GORGEOUS. You are so talented and I love seeing your work every week! I hope you got around to making dessert. 🙂

  • Vanessa

    Great photos as always. Where do you walk/how long do you walk out of curiosity? I could get more into the habit myself!

  • Lisa @ Lisa Living Well

    I always look forward to your everyday life posts! Such gorgeous pictures each week and I wonder where you find the time to make all of the delicious recipes you do.

  • Jane M

    You looked very pretty and tan this past week. That Stitch Fit seems interesting. What else did get get/keep? Your necklace is FAB! Happy Fall! I’ve got a new puppy keeping me busy! YIPPEE!

  • LIA

    I love this week! It looks (mostly) so sunny there! I’m deciding whether or not to get a fitbit or not… my new school run has me walking 20 miles a week! Ouch.

  • Nicolle


  • Julie

    Your hair looks lighter!

  • Chelsy

    Tracy! I am obsessed w/ paleo pumpkin pancakes too! I made mine a few weeks back, created a slightly different recipe but just as good! I top mine w/ melted coconut butter! Holy Moly! Hope your weekend is fantastic! Also, also…luvvvvvv that necklace. I have been wanting to try Stitch fix for a while now looks like I’m gonna have to do it this week 🙂

  • Michelle

    If you’ve seen this I apologize, but yay for you and Joy for making this list. Kureyon9/15/foodie-instagram-accounts/

  • libby

    Thank you so much for showing me what browned butter actually looks like. Everyone talks about it but I never know if I’m browning it or burning it because I’ve never seen a photo to compare it to.
    Also, I think I really want to get a fitbit thanks to how obsessed you are with yours. 🙂

  • Marcella @

    I love everything about this post, from the sun on your shoulders to the strawberry aftermath.

  • Ellen

    I’ve been tearing through cans of pumpkin, mostly in shakes, but I’m mesmerized by your pancake recipe. There’s really no flour? Crazy!

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  • Ronni

    I’ve made both versions of the pancakes and I prefer the banana. So good. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Tracy

      Fantastic, Ronni! I noticed that when I used canned pumpkin it just wasn’t the same as when I roasted kabocha squash. You might like the pumpkin better if you roast your own! It adds a better texture it. The canned pumpkin is mushy!

  • Natasha @ Smorish

    Great post! Love the to do list- Yum!

  • Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    He he. When I saw “soda date” I thought it was going to be a date with a girl named “soda”…Seinfeld. It always creeps in my mind. Anyway, the sage, brown butter, hazelnut combination looks divine (inspiration, thanks!) & I love the look of your breakfast & list from Friday.
    Heidi xo

  • Josephine

    Hi Tracy. I visit this site often but rarely comment – it feels very rude! I want to say I’ve been loving your posts lately – the new outfitting posts are great fun, your recipes are exciting and accessible, and I love ‘My week in pictures’ posts. Life can be relentless, but you have a special knack of pausing at the right times to find moments of awesome. Great windswept selfie in this set! You’re looking vibrant 🙂
    Btw, also wanted to mention (‘coz I didn’t at the time), you were responsible for my purchase of a doughnut tin late last year when I was on maternity leave. I happened upon your choc doughnut post, and a girl did indeed just want chocolate. I packed my baby son in the car and immediately drove to the shops to buy the tin. Baked doughnut goodness was mine before lunchtime 😉
    Second btw, I’ve been working my way through the homefries podcasts at work – so much fun!

  • jamie @ arugulaholic

    What great moments! You are one talented person.

  • Amalie

    have you ever been to green chile pies in the city?! i just know you’d love it! Pie shakes and amazing pies!

  • Jamie

    You do the greatest selfies.

  • biobabbler

    I LOVE that last shot–wow. I think it’d be super cool blown up v. big, framed, and in your home. =)

  • Katie

    Oh dang. I totally got concerned the first .05 seconds into the roasted strawberries photo. It looked like a bloody a massacre. Ha!

    Thanks for sharing, as always!

  • mariah

    Love love the head on selfie! Perfect necklace. Want hair like yours! Too chicken to do it! Too lazy to keep going to the salon to keep it up. Your son looks so much like you!

  • Shawna

    Tracy, just wanted to say thanks for being so inspirational! I bought my Fitbit Flex about a month ago (totally addicted to the Sleep data!) and I’m also juicing – all thanks to you! I’m going to try the pear, fennel, cucumber tomorrow morning. I just had a carrot, peach and Meyer lemon – how crazy is it to still find organic peaches at the market?!

    And you look so healthy! GREAT job! I know how hard it is to juggle all this with a little kiddo around. My 6 year old LOVES juicing now but the walking/biking – not so much.

    • Tracy

      Thanks for your note, Shawna! I am sooooo happy that you are finding inspiration here and you’re on your way to becoming a healthier you!!!! xoxoxo

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