December 15, 2011

White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

I dropped Cooper off at preschool yesterday and immediately headed to the post office to mail packages & pick up stamps for the holiday cards I have yet to send out. The line at the post office went smoothly and the lady who helped me was an absolute dream. Hooray for excellent customer service! Then I went to pick up a few groceries and just when I was ready to tackle another item on my TO-DO list, my car wouldn’t start!  For the first time in my life, I ran out of gas. I KNEW I should have stopped at the gas station before I got groceries but I felt like I’ve been pushing EVERYTHING in my life to the limit lately, I assumed my car would push too. Thank God for husbands who come to the rescue!

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Emails piled up in my inbox, clean laundry overflowed in baskets on my living room floor and then one of my cats puked on my stairs (which I stepped in!). To combat the stress, I took a break and went out to lunch with Casey. We went to get fancy sandwiches and fresh air but after THREE attempts at making my sandwich without mayo and over an hour of my limited time wasted, I felt like throwing in the towel.  It just wasn’t my day!

Instead of tackling my TO-DO lists when I got back from the sandwich fail, I made these white chocolate peppermint pretzels instead. Getting lost in dipping pretzels into creamy melted white chocolate, studding them with cracked candy canes and lining the rods (haha, rods!) up into organized rows, made me happy. And then… I got a call from preschool telling me that Cooper needed to be picked up ASAP because he contracted pinkeye. It’s a good thing I got at least one solid thing done that day…

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

What’s my point? There’s no doubt that the holidays can be stressful. These little obstacles in life are only as big as we make them.The pressure we put on ourselves this time of year has the power to erase the holiday spirit we’re supposed to give & receive. Relax!

If you’re stressing out because the clock is ticking and you haven’t figured out what to make for the holidays, just make these easy white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels. They’re therapeutic and they pose as little reminders of how sweet, savory & crunchy life can be.

Remember: Make things simple and give yourself permission to slow down!

And we’re off!

Organization to clear your mind. Ahh… beauty.

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Unwrap those candy canes. Why do those wrappers insist on sticking to your hands?! I don’t like it.

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Put them in a plastic bag and bang the heck out of them. Take THAT, holiday stress!

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Take your white chocolate and cut it up with a serrated knife.

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Put it in the microwave and melt it. Stir. Pop it back in until it’s done.

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Set up your work station.

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Dip the pretzels in the bowl. It’s like they’re in a hot tub….time machine?

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Let the excess chocolate drip off and then roll them in the broken candy cane.

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Let them rest so the chocolate can set.

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

When ready, wrap them up in baggies. I bought these treat bags at Michael’s!

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Pull out your crafting supplies!

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Staple pretty paper to the top edges.

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Punch two little holes on the top and feed a ribbon through. Now tie it.

white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels

Holiday stress? What holiday stress?! You made prettie things for important people!


White Chocolate Peppermint Dipped Pretzels

makes about 50

  • 1lb. white chocolate
  • 50 pretzel rods (about two bags worth)
  • 9 candy canes

Unwrap candy canes and place in a plastic sandwich bag. Bash with a mallet until candy canes are broken into very small shards. Place on a plate and set aside.

Roughly chop white chocolate with a serrated knife and place into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 40-50 secs on high power. Stir and microwave for another minute, or until white chocolate is thoroughly melted. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside. Dip each pretzel rod into the white chocolate and coat half way up the rod. Use a fork to help coat the pretzel. Let excess chocolate drip off and lightly roll pretzel in the candy canes. Place candy coated dipped pretzels onto the parchment sheet and let cool.

If you want to speed up the setting time, place the dipped pretzels in the freezer for 5 minutes. You can package them right away!

  • erinlucy

    i’ve never seen pretzels so big and fat before! haha.
    sorry you had such a crapola day. making something in the kitchen always makes me feel better too

  • chelsea

    Whoa – one shop person made the same sandwich three times with mayonnaise? Repeatedly? That’s nuts!

  • Vanessa

    I love love love dipping rods (haha)! I roll mine in mint oreos. So sorry about the crappy day & feel better Cooper!

  • Heather (Heather's Dish)

    these are SO fun…i’m never a fan of white chocolate or pretzels until you put them together!

  • Sandi

    How cute…I’ve been working on a “don’t worry, be happy, RELAX” post, I’ll have to link to this!

  • Kelsey

    You are not alone! I had “that” day on Sunday. My husband locked his keys in the car while we were out Christmas shopping and then he stapled his hand with a staple gun right (!!!) before he was about to put up Christmas lights. It was actually pretty comical since he was not in terrible pain but it was just one thing after another.

    I want to make a chocolate pretzel hot tub!

  • Annie

    Tracy what a great idea! So cute and great flavor combo 🙂

  • Emily

    Tracy, I hear you–I had a full evening planned of making gifts and checking things off of my to do list last Friday (yes, this 20-something single lady is reduced to spending Friday nights polishing off a to-do list) when I cut the crap out of my thumb and thumbnail making dinner. There’s nothing more frustrating than four solid hours of usable time that you can’t use because your damn thumb starts bleeding every time you try and work!!

    On a happier note…..where can one get those plastic bags you used to package the pretzels? They look like the perfect size for the goodies I’m making for my extended family this year.

    • Tracy

      Oh snap! That sounds painful. And Friday To-do lists are my life story!

      They’re from Michael’s 🙂 Relax! Things will get done!

  • Ashley

    I just made white chocolate peppermint blondies and I was wondering what to do with the extra candy canes I’ve got on my hands: problem solved. Hope the little guy gets better quickly!

  • Redhead in the Kitchen

    Oh so sweet, simple and lovely. This post made me less stressed just reading it. Mama Pea’s kid over at Peas and Thank You has pink eye too. 🙁 Feel better little ones!

  • Katrina

    These would be dangerous.

  • Rachel

    Dumb question… where do you buy those bags?

  • jackie @ marin mama cooks

    These look simple enough, which I love. I also love how you created your own unique bags. Thanks for posting that. I was looking for some pre-decorated bags and now you showed me how to create my own. Awesome 🙂

  • Lindsay

    Are you magical or something?

    These are perfect. Hope things are well now!

  • Annie

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who laughs at “rods”.
    Sorry you had an off-day, they happen to us all. Hope Cooper gets better fast and you get a big ol’ mayo-free sandwich!

  • Lori

    These last awhile right? I need a gift for a family party on the 26th and I think these will fit the bill very nicely but I’ll need to make them ahead of time. If I made them this weekend or during the week of the 19th, that would be okay, right? Should I store them in the fridge or freezer so they stay fresh and the chocolate doesn’t melt? Thanks!

  • Amanda Areias

    I think I need to get lost in “dipping pretzels into creamy melted white chocolate”” too!!! Why holiday season has to be so busy???
    Anyway, love pretzels, love white chocolate and love the practicality of this recipe!! Thanks girl! 😉

  • cindy

    ha! rods.

    I needed this post today! I’m currently running around my house trying to get ready for my super early flight tomorrow morning…of course I piled too many to-do’s on my plate and then procrastinated on them!
    I hope Cooper recovers quickly!

  • Robyn

    ummm last minute addition to my christmas party treat table on saturday? i think so!

  • chelsea

    yum! what a great idea for office gifts 🙂

  • Jane M

    Oh now I don’t know what to bring to my friends house on Sunday – I gave these pretzels out as party favors years ago and people are STILL talking about them! So so fun!

  • Vanessa

    Wow that sounds like my day the other day. Legit had a freaking breakdown, everything just sucked. But then I went home neglected my to do list and made cookies and drank a glass of wine. Then all was right in the world 🙂

  • Jessica @ The Desert Abode

    I totally understand! 🙂

    It’s 10 days till Christmas and I still have presents to buy, cards to mail and treats to bake! I feel so behind, but my husband keeps reminding me of how much we’ve already accomplished. Of course, he is right and I’m trying to slow down and enjoy this special time of year. My to-do list may be a mile long, but at least it’s filled with lovely things like wrapping pretty presents and making yummy treats!

    On a similar note, I enjoyed this week’s podcast. Thanks for the tips!

  • Kait

    YOU HAVE THE PLATES FROM ANTHROPOLOGIE I’VE BEEN LUSTING FOR ALL FALL. It’s ok to luck for plates right? Because I totally do.

  • Claudia

    Yum! I want to make these! What kind of white chocolate did you use or better yet, where did you get it?

  • kim

    These look so good! I had a stressful morning and I’m pretty sure some pretzels will make it all better 🙂

  • Kasey

    I know that one of these days, I will totally run out of gas, and it totally stresses me out! Dabbling in chocolate peppermint pretzels seems like a welcome distraction from holiday stress. Hope the weekend offers some calm and relaxation!

  • Deanna

    What a great gift idea! I’m sorry to hear Cooper has pinkeye. When I was little I found out my teacher was TERRIFIED of pinkeye so whenever I wanted to go home early I would tell her my eye was really itchy. It was excellent foreshadowing of how I spent my high school years.

  • Kristen

    Major yum factor! Can’t wait to make these…the dipping options are unlimited…perhaps a pretzel dipping party is in order 🙂

  • Arianne

    Thanks for this idea, Tracy. I always make treats for my friends at Christmas time and I’ve been looking for new ideas for the past couple of weeks. After several failed attempts at making caramels, I need something simple but impressive. This is just the trick!

  • Sara

    Made these last night for my family for Christmas! Rolled in nuts and chocolate chips 🙂 So much fun! Thanks for the idea!

  • Jen

    I am going to make these. For sure. Hopefully soon.

    Hope things are looking up!

  • Betty

    I made these with semi-sweet chocolate. They are adorable and very tasty. My co-workers will be happy!

  • Ashlee

    Hey Tracy,

    Here’s a pesky candy cane tip! Dampen your hand when you’re taking off the wrappers and they won’t stick to you (or the cabinets or the garbage can), or anything else! I’ve made endless pounds of peppermint bark in my day. (In my day? What am I, 85?)

    Happy Holidays!

  • vanillasugarblog

    yes white chocolate should be the only chocolate to use when dipping pretzels.
    they just go so well together.

  • Rachele

    Love these! So much I made them too! I added my own touches – http://www.nearsightedowl.com/2011/12/last-minute-handmade-gifts.html

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  • Zeph

    These are one of my favorite snacks during the holidays. Although, i prefer the small pretzels over the pretzel sticks. Being homemade, in addition to have crushed candy cane on them, they’re far fresher than the ones you buy in bulk from the store.

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  • Mooki

    Hah, didn’t occur to me until now but they look like cigarettes!

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  • Julia

    I made these treats to give out to my co-workers this holiday season. I’m just out of school so I needed something that looked nice and expressed my appreciation for the help and kindness that was extended me when I joined the company a few months ago. The recipe was super easy but I couldn’t help laughing while dipping the rods in chocolate because I kept thinking back to your comment about the bowl of chocolate being a hot tub and I felt strange being part of the pretzels’ “downtime.” Thanks for the recipe!

  • Laura

    Thanks for this darling post about the White Choc. Pretzels. I have been inspired to make my own version on this cold, snowy December day. I am not getting into the stress of the season…just doing what I can and want to do. So, thanks again.

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  • Carol V

    I am SO SO happy to see these on pinterest. I tried making them with the nestle morsels and they would not melt!!!! So then found some White Ghiradelli chocolate and made them, so quick and easy, popping them in the freezer really helped and I didn’t use all the chocolate , so maybe they were shorter pretzels, doesn’t matter, now I can make more this weekend…..Great gift ideas too! THANKS for sharing these.

  • Victoria Pease

    Hey Tracy, have seen these on your site before but your homemade gift guide reminded me of the recipe! How far in advance do you think you could make these before gifting – imagine the chocolate might make the pretzels go softer quicker? Thanks!

  • todd

    Where does one get a brick of white chocolate? Most of my local grocery stores don’t even have white chocolate at all, just “white chips.” One or two stores have bars of Ghirardelli white chocolate. Never seen anything like what you used.

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