My Everyday Life Week 22

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 22

This week I had an art date!

Neiley came over and we painted from a distance.

So nice to have lady time. I’ve been stuck with BOYS. 

Playing with ink is my favorite. 

I worked in my Currently Workbook for May!

Morning meditation.

Making the bed with company.

Cherry drinks.

Ryan, Ali & Dad came over for dinner.  Everyone stayed outside. It was nice to see my family again!

Living for this.

Waiting for a hummingbird.

Casey fixing Cooper’s trophy that was knocked over by the cat. Dang cat!

Our friends brought over ribs and I did the rest.

Cat plant.

Outgoing mail.

Thank you for ordering goodies from The Handwriting Club!

Homeschooling with cat.

I forget how much she loves having her belly rubbed.

Working through my Intentions for the Week printable! 

I am excited to see all of you start with me!

Eating more salad this week.

Life of an 11-year old. That’s bread in the corner.

My beds are starting to come alive!


This light made a dark day brighter.  This week was a heavy one. 

We’ve been reading one page with Cooper at dinner from this book- How to Be a Person.

Taking pics of Casey’s drinks.

An affogato in the morning.  It reminded me that I have a boozy affogato on my website!

Disco balls  add little speckles of light on the ceiling. It’s so magical. 

The shadows caught my eye.

Waiting in a long line at Target. Such a weird experience. 

Another salad dinner hybrid.

A total lapse in judgment.

Laying on the deck with my husband.


Enjoying working with him while he does school art projects.

This week I bought hair clippers and cut my boy’s hair!!!

Hair samples: Casey (left)  Cooper (right)

I actually really enjoyed doing it!

This mop!

I love it when I can see his face again!

Who is gonna come and cut mine??!

Scorpion Bowl for two!

Followed by pizza delivery!

The last flower left from my Mother’s Day bouquet.

Full of pattern, enjoying my coffee.

Breakfast hash for two.

My Mom always called our meals “The Three Bears Dinners.”

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  • Selfkitchen4u

    Thank you so much for sharing such a good  blog and your snap is so convencing that I never stop myself to say something about are doing great.good job and keep it up . wish you all the best.

  • coco

    i ordered that book too for my daughter, can’t wait to start.
    i cut my help myself…. near disaster but lighter now 🙂

  • Jay

    What clippers did you decide on? We need them, too, and I keep asking the guys to research and order some but it’s not happening :-\
    They’re heads are out of control! I’m calling my husband “Kramer” lately. Help me with a clipper recommendation? You did a nice job on your son 🙂

  • Mari

    so cool this week was very so good, I actually went thru the photos twice….
    Here’s what “got me”.
    First of all your little son…in that Nike shirt, my gosh he looks soooo old. What a cutey. He looks like u both really.
    Loved the head shot of both of your men….funny.
    Second: those black and white shoes of yours—how many years have u had them. They must be your fav’s?
    Third: I cannot do rice cakes…ugh I know u eat them a lot. The texture I guess?

    I get my hair cut TOMORROW! can hardly wait. I have to sit in the car, until my stylists comes out to get me?? ok
    Have a great week and keep up the great work!
    PS I would kill to bar hop with you and your husband….u both seem so knowledgeable in the cool drinks to try 🙂

  • Chuck Williams

    Hi there. I just downloaded your intentions pdf from Etsy. Ive found listing my intentions tac week really helpful since seeing yours, also Im tired of using scraps of paper and I think it is important to support small family businesses, so thank you 🙂

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