Top Fridge!

When you get an email from a MAJOR appliance brand saying they want to send you a fridge to test out, you have to do it, RIGHT?! Oh good. I’m glad you agree! So we’re participating in a test drive program with the awesome brand, Electrolux. We’re getting a new fridge to test out! I’m so flipping excited, I don’t even know how to contain myself. It’s like getting a new car for a food lover/organizing freak like myself.

This is our current fridge that came with our house. It’s a pretty good fridge but it’s got a few issues. We’re going to be pitting it up against the Electrolux to see how it compares! So folks, LOOKOUT!  We’re gonna do Top Chef-like challenges soon! Who will be the Top Fridge? You’ll soon find out!

  • Cal's mum

    As our Irish fridge looks like a shoe box in comparison to your current fridge I’m looking forward to seeing the new fridge, congrats!

  • jenny

    the fridge that came with our house? an ugly off white 80s model. still kickin, 5 years later.
    one of these days, i will get my mitts on a stainless beauty! one of these days…

    you are a lucky duck, girl! can’t wait to see and hear more about this- electrolux is my DREAM. if i had a nickel for every time i’ve pet (petted?) those bad boys at home depot, oh my…

    congrats! so happy for you!

  • juiltenor

    Omg, so cool! Congratulations on this 🙂

  • Jessica

    Holy cow! How do you get emails from companies wanting you to test out appliances? I think I’d pee my pants. Congrats!!

  • Jane M

    Which model fridge will you be trying out? The French Door model? THIS IS LIKE HITTING THE LOTTERY! I sure hope you don’t have to give it BACK!

  • alix*modernkiddo

    I am so excited and so jealous!!!!

    [YO! ELectroclux! I’m happpppy to test a new fridge! Mine is a catastrophe!!!!!!]

    Hmmm, will you be selling your old fridge?? Actually, moving it would be a pain. Never mind.
    I must go and dream of fridges now.

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