Tomato Basil Pasta

I’m a busy bee lately! Soo much to do….Sooo little time.

Which means that I’ve stepped away from the kitchen for a bit….

But when I’ve been in there, I’ve concocted quick little breakfast sandwiches like this one:

my latest obsession

(a whole wheat English muffin with egg, cheese & turkey bacon)

It’s worth waking up for in the mornings. I’m kinda obsessed with them.

Tonight I roasted some tomatoes (not from my garden-yet)

roasted tomatoes

I picked some fresh basil from my little garden I’ve been working on-

another wednesday

Boiled some Whole Wheat Spaghetti…Tossed in a HUGE handful that basil.

mixing in my own basil


-red pepper
-extra virgin olive oil
-those tomatoes
-a splash of red wine vinegar (It brings out the sweetness in the tomatoes and adds a nice kick)
-fresh ground pepper
-topped with a little grated parmesan…..

din din

My hands still smell like basil, and I am totally loving that!

I’m dreaming of getting back in the kitchen (soon).

I could really use a challenge of making something fun/tasty/good.

You should see what I’ve clipped out to try….

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