My Everyday Life Week 1

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 1

Just wanted to let you know as we start a new year that I’ve now done this project for 10 years and this will be my 11th year working on it!!! Can you believe it??  THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your Sundays (or in some cases, Monday mornings!) with me. This project has been such a wonderful way to reflect on my life & my creativity. Funny thing is, it’s also become a resource for Cooper. I’ve seen him look for pictures of our cats for school projects online here. Who would have thought? Life is wild! Here we go! Year 11.

Made my vision board for the year 2021.

My word for 2021 is CARE. 

Here are some pieces of my board..

All the things.

I started doing my Intentions for the Week printable every week since week 15 of 2020. 

This week I went through and looked at all of the things I wrote in the I AM GRATEFUL FOR section.

2020 answered a lot of questions. It made things more clear.

I caught a part of my make magic sticker on my friend Neiley’s vision board! 

My Dad gave me some of my Mom’s things to go through. I’ve been sorting through a box of photos and found this.  My grandpa got this for my brother.

I found one of his baseball photos. I wish he could have met Cooper. 

With his handwriting on the back.

I love that someone’s name was Cookie.

I found a picture of me from high school.  The funny thing is…I was wearing pretty much the same outfit when I was looking at the photo. 

This is 1990s Tracy

And 2021 Tracy. What a trip! Overalls for life!

Yes. I used to look a bit like Katie Holmes when I was younger. 

Eating feelings.

Finding spirits.

Finding proof of raccoons on my deck.


Squirrel watching.

Goodbye, Christmas.


Essentials binder.

A good start to the evening.

I spent a lot of time packaging up orders this week.

Thank you for keeping me busy. 

It’s fun to make magic and look at positive things at work.

I have the best coworker too. 

He oversees shipping. 

The highlight of the week was going on two nighttime walks with Casey.

We haven’t been able to do that in a long time. 

It reminded me of how special it is where we live. We’ve been stuck inside so much that we haven’t been able to take it all in.

It’s so weird that we have to take pictures of Cooper’s schoolwork on my phone and submit them online to his teachers. Email wasn’t really a thing when I was his age.

Casey’s pizza experiments have been fun to witness.

One of my favorite ways to eat broccoli. I put this in the pizza oven for 4 minutes and it was finished!

And then he booped her and she got super mad and swatted at him.

Taco Tuesday. I actually did it on the right day for once.

Another night walk.

This time we walked through my high school.  I said hello to the tree right outside of the Spanish class.

Happiness is a new sketchbook. I’m hoping this one will work well with watercolors!

Someone has been hanging out on my fridge…

Morning coffee and yard work to start the day. 

Hazey foggy morning. Grateful for sun.

A soyrizo kale thing.

A note I wrote that caught my eye. Narcissists don’t have compassion. I’ve learned that the hard way quite a few times. 

I had this for breakfast for 4 days this week.

I guess I’m going through a phase.

I love seeing Casey working in the kitchen. He’s been experimenting with making pizza dough.

Definitely not starting the new year low carb. Lol. 

My January forecast:



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