Happy New Year! 2011


Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! We sure did.

We spent it with my family in San Francisco. It’s our tradition!

We had a scrumptious cheese platter & three new additions to our appetizer station.

My mom made Ina’s Roasted Arthichoke Salad! It was fantastic!

She also wrapped prosciutto around thin breadsticks. My 6 year old nephew was scarfing them down!

My dad bought a bunch of clams and shucked them all! I taught my family to put ice on a serving dish and cover it with plastic. It keeps the shellfish cold & doesn’t get water everywhere. My dad was impressed.

My dad dips into his wine cellar whenever we have a special occasion. I took some photos so we could remember what we drank because things tend to get a little fuzzy later on in the night.

Let’s take a look!

– 2002 Maurice Écard – Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru – Les Jarrons

– Enjoyed but not photographed: 2005 Belle Pente – Pinot Noir – Murto Vineyard

– 2008 Babcock Pinot Noir – Rita’s Earth

– 2006 Varner Pinot Noir Spring Ridge Vineyard

– 1999 Le Clos du Caillou – Châteauneuf-du-Pape – Les Quartz

– 2000 Damilano Barolo

– 1999 La Poderina Brunello di Montalcino

I could have missed a few.  We do some cooking & eating while we’re drinking.

Here’s me, Casey & Coop watching over the lobsters. I wore my sparkle shoes! (Coop’s favorite pair)

My mom did her usual lobster taunt with the kids. Always good for a laugh.

Cooper poked a lobster and my brother got him to kiss one! He’s such a dare devil, that Coop!

The kids go to bed, and we start getting serious with the cooking. Dinner is usually served at 8 or 9pm.

We started off with my Addictive Brussels Sprout Salad.

My mom made her famous linguine & clams. We used fresh clams for the sauce. My dad wanted EVEN more next time.

I like a lot of red pepper. Apparently my sister in law does not!  🙂

linguine & clams!

Here’s the lobster!  Those plates were SOO heavy when I brought them to the table.

I think most of the lobsters were 2lbs and up. Hot dang.

My brother & Casey rolled up their sleeves. They know how messy it gets.

Needles to say, we were busy for awhile.

After our lobster feast we had to have a breather….

Gotta make room for ICE CREAM SUNDAE TIME!

My sister in law brings all the stuff for sundaes! Honestly, it’s my favorite part of the night.

Homemade hot fudge, hot salted caramel, cherries, nuts, sprinkles, whipped cream….

build your own sundaes

Candy cane Joe Joe’s, almonds & a Mixed Berry Raspberry Chambord coulis! (my dad’s fave item of the night!)

We all stood around stuffing our faces. It’s soo fun to come up with different combos.

Casey made a coffee, caramel nut sundae that tasted like bacon. Crazy!


And just before the clock struck midnight…we had some champagne.

1996 Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne Brut Cuvée Palmes d’Or

Mixed with firework viewing….the night got a little blurry after that.

blurry, but i like it

Happy New Year!!!

  • Megan Gordon

    Looks like last night really sucked, Tracy. I mean, shoot. Look at all that wine. And the ice cream? If someone ever bails and you’ve got an extra seat next year, you know who to call 🙂
    Happy New Year, my friend!

    • Tracy

      yeah totally…what a crappy night 😉 You will definitely be the top contender for any absent guest!!! Hope to see more of you in 2011

  • miss james

    OH MAH YUM! you never cease to amaze me tracy! we MUST be neighbors one day. ima plan my life around it. : )

  • Tamara

    That is one heck of a mighty New Year’s party.

  • jenny

    hot damn y’all THREW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love this family tradition of yours! what an amazing time!!!!!!!!!!

    xoxo bean. happy new year!

  • Vanessa

    O-M-G. I wish I was at your family party for New Years. I love artichoke salads and HOLY lobsters!! And all that wine?! Swoon…. Happy New Year!

  • Jessica

    Wow, that looks like the best time! Love the shot of you guys looking down at the lobsters! I think the sundae part would also be my favorite. Hot fudge and salted caramel, swooon! Happy New Year! 🙂

  • stacy

    lordy- you had me at hot salted caramel!!! I love the spread! And your dad’s wine collection: DROOL! How lucky you are!

  • Nicole

    Now THAT is the way to bring in the new year. Jealous! Everything looks delicious, but that sundae bar has the kid in me jumping up and down.

  • Kasey

    Wow, look at that lobster! And those sundaes! If nothing else, your meal is surely a sign of good times to come in 2011.

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