My Everyday Life Week 12

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 12 

Haven’t been able to welcome anyone in our home. It’s weird!

My hummingbird feeder is getting good use. It’s been very entertaining.

Since we are sheltering in place, I spent a lot of time in our yard this week.

And a lot of time managing Cooper’s school work while trying to get everything else done.

But we made it through our first full week of school at home cuz of the coronavirus.

Bone broth from a frozen chicken carcass in the freezer.

I’m putting so many ingredients to good use.

Plant projects.

Meal prep.

Working in my Currently Workbook.  I’m drawing all of the things I planted. 

Cat grass is rewarding to grow!

I can’t wait to see this tree with leaves on it!

Waffles during school.


This week I accomplished something I’ve been meaning to do- Clean out my prop closet!

Here’s the before.

Here’s that agenda:

In progress…. oof.

Sorting all of my linens.


Everything is organized and I am so happy about that.


We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with corned beef, cabbage & potatoes.

The next day I turned it into corned beef hash for Casey.



It rained for the first half of the week. These leaves will be popping next week.

My green umbrella and orange hoodie made pretty colors on our driveway.


I am trying to eat greens!  It’s been hard not being able to go to the grocery store whenever I want.

Art practice at home!

Pulled out my favorite pencil sharpener from my pen case.

Such beauty in the scraps.

Intruder alert!

We used sidewalk chalk on our driveway.

Casey and I have been his playmate all week.

A reminder during this time- TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF.


Out grocery shopping. Trying to keep my distance.

My Mom’s rosemary makes it into our drinks.

Burger night.

Video conferencing in his robe…

I was figuring out the self timer and this happened…oops.

He put “costumes” on for his school video chats. He also tries to show off Huggy when he can.



He got the kind of cat he always wanted.

On a walk teaching Cooper about silver linings.

Poppy explosion. THIS IS GOALS.

Cat’s in the bag.

I made biscuits.

And shrimp tacos.

And my own tortilla chips.


During one of my facetime calls with my bro & sis, I put all of the pieces to my grandpa’s vintage Rummikub game together. WE HAVE ALL OF THE PIECES. YES!!! This pleases me greatly. 

We’re going to play it this week.


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  • Colleen

    That kitty loves you! I have a question for you…we have two aloof cats, how did you choose Huggy? How could you tell he is a cuddler? That is what we want too, totally with Cooper.

    • Tracy

      I had a feeling he would be a snuggler. When we met him he just plopped on us and he let Cooper man-handle him. I was also told he would good in a house with other cats because he’s very social. So it all just seemed to work out. The girls are still kind of annoyed with him but overall it’s been such a blessing.

  • Dana

    I’m loving the garden/yard shots. Those gorgeous succulents! Mine are happy right now too. Huggy is the kitty we all need right now. It soothes my heart when I hear birdsong or play with my dogs or putter in my itty bitty garden to reflect that none of them are fretting about getting sick. They are all in the moment. Something I’m trying to strive for presently. Please don’t ever stop making these posts Tracy.
    PS: I am admittedly a little jealous that you get to have a “prop closet”

    • Tracy

      I’ve been watching deer on our hill, thinking about how they have no idea what’s going on.

  • Kerri

    Yes, we definitely all need a Huggy in our lives right now. What a total lovebug! Tracy, thank you so much for your posts. I’m always so grateful for your perspective, ideas, and just all-around wonderful-ness – and now more than ever. You’re a true gem. Take care good care of yourself and your sweet family and stay safe and healthy!

    • Tracy

      Thank you, Kerri! Huggy is such a gem. Feeling so lucky to have him in our lives.

  • Alicia A

    Cats are the best, especially now!
    Check out my friend’s sculptures on “Colossal” Jennifer Maestre, she uses colored pencil shavings and colored pencils.

  • Christina C

    Do you have a recipe for your biscuits? Always look forward to these posts, you alway inspire me to take more photos.

  • Priya

    Tracy I have SUCH prop closet envy! I’d adore one of these. I currently have to stash all breakables high, away from my toddler.
    Also how big is that letter B?!
    And I love the look food your drop biscuits- I’m tempted to make some but might have to finish the double chocolate baked doughnuts first! It’s the way they look so tender and fluffy….
    This self isolating is not great for my waistline- ooof!

  • Mari

    the closet….I see u got rid of a few cake plates…donate them or give away?

    the succulents, just wondering why u have many of those plants? because they do well in California weather or u just enjoy them. (live in Iowa)

    you are not dying your hair anymore? u look really good.

    How is your Dad doing these days?


  • Victoria

    Oh my goodness, cats are the absolute best!! I needed all these small, sweet moments to make my evening just a little bit brighter. Thank you for sharing a little (positive) window into your world in this scary time <3

    xo, Victoria

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