My Everyday Life: Week 11

Here’s what this week looked like:

Blue & pink in Seattle.

my everyday life: week 11

The nail sitch this week. I also bought a striped blazer. My first legit blazer!

my everyday life: week 11

Breakfast of Champions!

my everyday life: week 11

RAWR!!  Clouds are amazing.

my everyday life: week 11
Pizza at Delancey. This was the special with Nettle pesto. So good!

my everyday life: week 11

We also had an amazing Jersey salad.

my everyday life: week 11

And Brandi hooked us up. BIG TIME. Thanks, Brandi!

my everyday life: week 11

The view from my bed. I’ve seen sun, rain & snow in Seattle this week!

my everyday life: week 11

Toms sandwich! Joy is in the middle.

my everyday life: week 11

The barista wouldn’t stop talking about Kayne West.

my everyday life: week 11

Business lady doing business.

my everyday life: week 11

This is Charles. He’s Joy’s nephew.

my everyday life: week 11


my everyday life: week 11

Seattle is full of fun things to look at.

my everyday life: week 11

Heart. Also…look at Joy’s nails!

my everyday life: week 11

A very tasty Mexican Mule.

my everyday life: week 11

This cheese brioche tasted like the 1980s.

my everyday life: week 11

A lovely dinner with Megan, Ashley, Brandi & Joy at Revel.

my everyday life: week 11

Straight to Book Larder for Joy’s first Seattle signing.

my everyday life: week 11

A goodbye wave from Cooper and I’m off to Seattle. Casey is hiding behind the curtain.

my everyday life: week 11

Brussels Sprouts on pizza! AMAZING. Recipe soon.

my everyday life: week 11

Strawberry Malted Milkshake with cashew milk!

my everyday life: week 11

French Toast with pb & bananas for breakfast.

The light was so dark in the mornings this week. Daylight savings!

my everyday life: week 11

Rainy San Francisco.

my everyday life: week 11

Cooper insisted on wearing his rain boots to school. This is awesome as we’ve been trying soo hard to get him to wear them.

my everyday life: week 11

I bought myself flowers this week.

my everyday life: week 11

Makeshift pizza dinner!

my everyday life: week 11

Making something with pineapple.

my everyday life: week 11

I love these little feet.

my everyday life: week 11

  • Ashley

    I’m on your blog! Well, my shirt is anyway. 🙂 Such a great week. Next time I’m coming to visit you. Watch out SF.

    • Tracy

      I LOVED meeting you! FINALLY!!! Hopefully I’ll get more face time when I’m up in Seattle next! xoxox

  • Lucy

    Ohhh I love brussel srpouts, can’t wait for the pizza recipe

  • cheryl

    Oh, man. I am jealous. Take me next time! Wasn’t I a good roommate last time we were in Seattle together? (OK, don’t answer that.)

  • katie's pencil box

    oh how i love these little snaps of your adventures! what a wonderful, full, and delicious life!


  • Lori from a family's life

    Seattle looks beautiful!

    I love Joy’s nails!

    All of the food looks so yummy!

  • Krisla

    TOMS SANDWICH! That’s me and my co-blogger friend! Loved your striped blazer by the way;)

  • Jennifer

    Brussel sprouts on pizza? I like brussel sprouts. I like pizza. Can the two go together? Gonna have to ponder that one for a bit. 🙂

  • Jane M

    Are those shellac nails you have? I’ve not done them for about 2 months. Giving my nails a rest, but I might have to go back next week for a mani!

    Spring is here in NJ big time too! All the trees are flowering a FULL MONTH early!

    Happy Sunday to you and yours!

    • Tracy

      Yup! Shellac. Although…this application was pretty bad. Too thick! And it’s already starting to chip! Drats…

  • ileana

    That goodbye wave is so precious. 🙂 Beautiful flowers, too.

    Oh, man, I’m sitting hear cracking up to an old episode of your podcast…Valentine’s Day…strippergrams….stripper/baker…ahh!

  • ileana

    Ugh. I meant sitting *here*

    Of course. The laughing distracted me!

  • Amanda

    I was just in Seattle last weekend. Delancey’s nettle pesto pizza was AMAZING! Next time you visit, may I suggest the many speakeasy-ish bars? Knee High Stocking, Needle and Thread, and Bathtub Gin Co. were all fantastic. (Until my last night in Seattle, I was convinced that all bars had secret passwords and doorbells). Also, Brussels sprout pizza please! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for being my baby wrangler at Third Place Books last night!! Kendall sure loved you 🙂 I hope you decide to write a cookbook and do a book tour too!

    • Tracy

      Oh man! She was SOOOO CUTE. Thank you for giving me my baby fix. She’s such a trooper and so are you for bringing her to the book signing. I loved meeting you! xo

  • EmilyM

    What a lovely way to document your weeks! I love seeing places I recognize in your photos, including Seattle! Probably my favorite city (close tie with SF!)

  • brianne

    I’ve just started following your blog the last week or two and am so happy to see you made it to Seattle. I wish I’d gone to the book larder event, would have loved to meet you. So glad you made it to Delancey, its one of my favorite places – usually I get whatever they have on special with pickled peppers. Can’t wait to keep reading!

    • Tracy

      Thanks for stopping by! I WISH i got the pickled peppers. I’m kinda kicking myself for not 🙁

  • sofie t.

    Revel’s salad with roe looks delish!

  • Emily

    I’ve got to know what color blue that nail polish is on your one finger. I’m on the quest to find a perfect blue and that looks like it could be the one! Love your pics by the way! good way to document the week! but what’s that blue polish?!?!?

  • Linda

    Clean your diamonds. Love from your OCD MIL

  • Julie

    What does that 1980s taste like?

  • Krystina

    Ooo, ooo! Tracy … does that blazer happen to come from Banana Republic? I saw one there that I absolutely fell in love with. Because it’s stretchy, and so not constricting. Since listening to your’s and Joy’s podcast, I find myself thinking of you guys in random moments as if you’re my BFF’s. Like when I saw that blazer, or any other black and white striped thing. I think, “Oh! Tracy would love this!” Bravo, you! You’ve made it into my life, even though I’ve never even met you! (It’s surreal, in the sort of way, when you talk about characters from a television series you watch, as if they are all really your friends.) Thank you for being part of my life … even if it’s in a little way. 🙂

    • Tracy

      YES! I got it from Banana. It IS stretchy and thick. I LOVE IT. It’s like wearing pjs- but blazer pjs!

  • Dana

    So sorry to have missed you guys in Seattle. Glad you went to Delancey (can’t wait to try the nettle pesto pizza) and to Revel. I LOVE that place.

  • Mary

    Whoa, are you following Joy to Chicago? Totally going to be there, already to get my book signed but it would be totes awesome if you were there as well.

  • Lucia

    We should always buy flowers for ourselves 😉

  • Carolina

    Hi Tracy,
    amazing pictures this week! Your kid is really the cutest =)
    I have a question: can you explain to me what is a malted milkshake? I’m from Brazil, and I have heard of it only once and never learned how to make it.

  • Jenny

    Hi Tracy! It was good to meet you at Joy’s signing at Cake Spy. We compared nail colors. I had the 5 different colors on one hand thing going on. Looks like you guys found some great places to eat at in Seattle! You have me craving pizza and a Top Pot donut right now! I’ll have to figure out what I can do about that.

  • Mallory@forkvsspoon

    Oh my goodness, I love Coopers rain boots…but I really LOVE your black boots! Love the photos and happy to see that you and Joy had a great time on her book tour!

  • Brenda

    Nice pictures, as always. Great to see that you notice so much beauty and pretty things in your everyday life! I believe most of us just live, and don’t look. (like me, going to be more aware from now on!)

    I’m curious for the pizza wit Brussels Sprouts on it!

  • Clara

    Talk about a dream dinner! Delancy and all you fabulous food bloggers??? I’d pay to go :). Ps- such an adorable photo of Cooper!

  • Carly

    Both my kids had those green rain boots. We called them frog boots. I was so sad when they grew out of them. Thanks for the smile.

  • jenny

    i haven’t told you this yet, but i really love this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i also love that your MIL just whipped your butt to clean your diamonds. LOVE!

  • Jessica W

    Can’t wait for the brussel sprout pizza! I’m currently obsessed. So wish Joy was doing a book signing in DC, looks like you had lots of fun! Love Seattle and can’t wait to go back again!

  • Ellie @ The Bitchin' Kitchin'

    Hi Tracy! What program did you use for your blue and pink in Seattle picture? I love the effect. I also look forward to these posts every week. Thanks!

  • JenMarie

    I love the photo of Cooper’s feet! Soooo cute. Any mother would love that shot…

  • Dottie

    Oh, these little looksies into your life are so wonderful.

    When is the Shutterbean cookbook coming?

  • Stefania Avalos

    Mexican mule? What’s that?!! Sounds great!!

  • Claire

    What an awesome week. Fab pictures. GET JOY TO COME TO LONDON! (And you come too please).

  • Kim

    I love the little boy feet. I just got to see my little boy’s feet for the first time (on ultrasound) last week. So tiny and so cute.

  • Chez Us

    Oh, you got to go to Seattle. And you got to see Megan. I am double jealous now!!

    ps… you should buy yourself flowers all the time! I always have them in the house ….. 😉

  • Kelley

    I’m so excited you posted my Minx nails on Joy! Man, that was the best day ever. Can’t believe I got to meet both of you. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed Seattle–you ate at a couple of my faves, and saw all the weather we usually have. Visit again soon! And sorry about the Seattle ‘freeze’. We are all nerds, and shy and weird. Well, at least I think we are.

  • Lacey Chalenor

    I love your boots in the Cooper rainboot photo! What brand are they? Thank you!!!

  • Cortnie

    What a list of awesome sights! I really really want to make that strawberry malted cashew shake – is there a recipe? Don’t be mad if you already answered that question. 🙂

    p.s. Ranunculus are some of my fave flowers.


  • Simone

    I really look forward to your week in photos, I love your nails they’re gorgeous!

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