Happy 4th Birthday, Cooper!

Today Cooper is 4. FOUR. YEARS. OLD.

I’ve been busy this afternoon making him a Batman birthday cake!

I decided to take a break and look through pictures of him. OMG WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!

It’s definitely been an emotional day. While getting him dressed for school we went through 5 different shirts because they were ALL TOO SMALL.

OK. I’m off to cry into some cream cheese frosting.

Happy Birthday to the coolest/most energetic little boy I know!

Love, Your Mama

  • jenny

    awwwww! happy birthday to your sweet son. I loved seeing the progression from baby to bigger boy. it’s amazing how much like himself he looked even from the very beginning! enjoy celebrating him today.

  • Nicole

    This is so sweet, Tracy! Happy Birthday, Coop!

  • Lacey Chalenor

    Happy 4th Birthday, Cooper! It has been fun watching this little boy get bigger, thanks for sharing and enjoy the Batman cake 🙂

  • Stephanie

    This is so sweet! You are such an awesome mama, Tracy! Happy birthday, Cooper!

  • Alyssa

    Wow! Happy 4th birthday to Cooper! Great pictures! I can’t wait to see the batman cake!

  • Susan

    Happy happy birthday to Cooper. Enjoy these times because the next thing you know, he’ll be 24 like my baby boy!

  • Mariana

    He’s so cute!!

    Happy Birthday Cooper!

    funny thing is that Cooper and I are both Libras and lefties

  • Diane

    Awwww. I love how you can see his personality developing through the photos! Happy birthday Cooper!

  • Becky

    Happy bday Coops!!!!!!!!

  • Christina

    He looks so much like you it’s crazy!! Man, the time flies. Enjoy each and every day…and keep taking pictures so you can always look back on these moments.

    Happy birthday Coop!!

  • anne

    This is such a sweet post! I am so happy for you and Casey to have such a sweet little boy. I hope you all have a fabulous day! Happy Birthday, Cooper!

  • Cortnie

    Tracy, I can relate SO much to this. My guys are 3 1/2 now and looking back at pictures from a mere six months ago can start the water works.

    What a handsome boy your Cooper is. I bet he is going to LOVE that Batman cake!!


  • Jen

    Hi Tracy, I’ve been listening to the JTB podcast and reading both your blogs for a while now, but just found out that your son and my son have the same birthday. Eli turned 8 today, what a wild ride parenting is. I left a comment in iTunes a few weeks ago about my son singing your theme song to his friend on a camping trip. That’s the boy! Happy birthday, Cooper. 4 is fun! It keeps getting better!

  • Melissa

    Oh my goodness, Cooper was a gorgeous boy right from the get-go. Did he request any favourite foods for his birthday?

  • Emily D.

    Happy Birthday to Cooper, probably the cutest kid on the interwebs.
    (P.S. If you’re going to cry into something, it might as well be cream cheese frosting.)

  • Leah

    Aww what a sweet post! Cooper is super cute and I know we’ve never met but he seems like he has a super awesome Mom!!! Happy Birthday Cooper!

  • Kristen {bites & sights}

    Happy birthday, Cooper! My baby is going to be 4 in a month, and I know what you mean about not being able to wrap your head around it. It’s almost impossible to believe how fast the past 4 years have flown by. I hope your son has a wonderful and blessed year 🙂

  • Jessica @ The Desert Abode

    This is so sweet! Happy 4th birthday to Cooper. It is amazing how fast the time goes. Everyone keeps telling us our first year of parenthood will be a blur which makes me want to make every day count.

  • joy the baker

    i cried a little too. real.

  • Robyn

    october babies are the best! (i’m one too) happy happy birthday cooper!

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    Happy Birthday little man! So exciting 🙂

  • patti


  • whoorl

    Happy Birthday, Cooper! 4 is going to be AWESOME.

  • katies pencil box

    goodness, do you ever have a sweet boy! his little smile is infectious…
    happy birthday to you, cooper! 4 is the biggest of boy stuff!

  • Kristen

    Sweet, sweet pictures! Happy birthday to your baby!

  • Becky

    Oh my, that chubby happy 6-mo. picture is so sweet! 4 is a lot of fun. Happy Birthday C!

  • Victoria

    Tracy, thanks for “sharing” your boy and your Mom adventures with all of us! It’s been fun to watch him go from little guy to big kid over the years. The tears won’t stop. But then, neither will the smiles. Love him lots and ENJOY these years you have!

  • Wren

    Happy Birthday Cooper, you are a cutie patootie!!!

  • jenny

    it’s so amazing to look back, even at that first WEE BABY and still see COOPER. adorable, super smiley faced, happiest boy COOPER.

    It will be fun to take him out and buy him some new big(ger) boy shirts, right?? A little Mama and Coops shopping date.

    I hear you on the tears. Henry ran in his first big cross country match today and when I saw him come up over the hill to the finish line, I had this moment where I really wanted to yell and cheer GO HENRY!!! but I was so choked up, I swear to you, I couldn’t get out the words and my eyes started up with that misty-mama stuff that happens to me so easily when I’m just crazy proud + filled with love for my kiddos. Thankfully, miss Dotty, cheerleader in the making was BELTING OUT: GO HENRY! GO HENRY! GO HENRY! as he ran right past us with a big smile on his face.

    Giant hugs! Coops is a fine young boy, ya done good Mama!

  • Maggie @ A Bitchin' Kitchen

    I’ve been reading your blog since the podcast started, so I’m well aware of Cooper’s cuteness, but my goodness…that 6 month old picture killed me. Baby model material!

    Happy birthday to Cooper!

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    After the day I had this just made it soooo much better. Loves

  • Mira C

    Happy Birthday, Cooper! He’s a lucky boy to have such an awesome mama.

  • Holly

    Happy Birthday, Cooper! What a sweet photo of the two of you together, at the beginning and end of the post.

  • The Cuisinerd

    Handsome. Handsome little man.

  • Lia

    Happy 4th Birthday Cooper! Have fun!!

  • Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

    Happy Birthday dear Cooper! Have fun 🙂

  • Cláudia Trindade

    Happy Birthday for Cooper!!
    Its a handsome boy!!

  • berry

    Happy Birthday Cooper 🙂
    my daughter is turning 3 this week, I remember reading the blog just before she was born and thinking 1 year old him was looking SO big already… looking back of course he looks just like a baby… time flies eh… 😉

  • cindy

    so sweet! so handsome!

  • Jane M

    Happy Happy Birthday! Fun looking back at pictures. And yes TIME DOES FLY BY! Make the most of it.

  • amanda (simplemittens)

    he is quite the handsome little guy- birthday wishes!

  • rosygirl

    happy birthday, Cooper! this brought a tear to my eye – he is a beautiful little boy and you should be very proud. i hope he enjoys his day – and you!! xx

  • Ashley

    Happy birthday to Cooper!!! I just can’t get over how distinct his features were from such a young age. You can even see it in the first day home photo! Pretty cool. 🙂 Super sweet post for a super sweet kid!

  • jen

    Awww, i’m not even a mom and that made me feel teary. Happy birthday to Cooper. I adore seeing pictures of you and your son and it makes me look forward to when I am ready to become a mom! 🙂

  • Abby@ Totes Delish Blog

    that last picture is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, Happy Birthday Cooper!

  • Jenny

    I’ve been following you for a loooong time miss Tracy and though I adore your recipes, I think this is my favorite post. I’m a bit choked up.

  • Little Big / Carrie Anne

    happy birthday to your sweet little man!

  • Jaden

    happy birthday!!!! what a cutie pie!

  • Lucia

    If I’ll ever be a mum, I’d love to be like you. Happy Birthday Cooper!

  • stacy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOPER! I got teary eyed reading this- my gal will turn 4 in January and I just cannot believe it. Hope he had a wonderful day and would love to see cake pix!?

  • Theresa

    Sweet! Batman cake! I hope he enjoys his birthday1


  • Stephanie C.

    Sweet! and kudos for the Batman cake.

  • Sini

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOPER! Hope your mama made you an amazing Batman cake. I’m pretty sure she did.

    Loved the photos

  • Christine Ross

    Those pictures melt my heart! Glad to see you enjoying your precious family. xo

  • Rachel

    First time I have ever posted anything to a blog but something about that last picture made me tear up. My son is 2 years old and I recognize the love you have for your son in that one single snapshot. OMG! I just looked at it again and teared up again!! Happy birthday to Cooper 🙂

  • Ezen

    Such a precious post! Time really does fly. Happy birthday Cooper 🙂

  • Jennifer R

    Happy Birthday to your baby! My son is 8 and I am constantly telling him he will ALWAYS be my baby and of course the response I get is… “Mom I’m too big for that can I have a Iphone?”…. This post made me a tad teary eyed! Hope he enjoys his special day!!!

  • Dana

    Happy birthday to your sweet guy – I can’t wait to meet him. He has the same cute face in all his pics.

  • katrina

    how fast time flies! happy happy birthday, cooper!!

  • regan

    Happy birthday Cooper!

  • Shital Swarup

    Dear Tracy, I love your blog, High Straightenence posts and listening to you and Joy weekly. This is the first time I’m commenting on your blog (or any blog for that matter- always a first huh). You’re a wonderful Mum and such a talented cook. This post makes me want to give you a hug. Happy Birthday Cooper! Hope you have lots of fun on your birthday.

  • Martine

    This is such a beautiful moment in time – thanks for sharing it. Happy birthday Cooper, you’ve got a Mommy to be proud of.

  • Ashley

    Too cute… both of you! Happy birthday to your little man!

  • yvonne

    lovely family !

  • Jayne

    I choked up a little seeing those pictures. His facial features were already apparent from his first year! My favourite pic is the first one where you were holding him. And it’s amazing to see his remarkable growth and change from 2 to 3 years old. From a toddler to a big boy. So handsome 🙂

  • Kiki

    I only started to read your blog this last year, and always knew Cooper was cute but looking at those baby photos was total cuteness to the max. What a handsome cutie.

    Happy birthday, Cooper!

  • Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Happy birthday, Cooper! What beautiful photos. You share a birthday with my brother, so that’s pretty special. Clearly it’s a great day. & of course, happy Cooper’s birth day to you, Tracey!!
    Heidi xo

  • erinlucy

    gosh he’s a good looking boy that cooper of yours! happy happy birthday! i hope he had a lovely day. 4 years seems so grown up! xoxo

  • Adri {Food-N-Thought}

    Adorable! Motherhood… the most precious gift! Happy birthday to your handsome boy!

  • Rebecca Lazaroff (@belleandbeanzer)

    What a beautiful, and HAPPY little boy! You can see it in his sweet eyes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Dottie

    First off, your son is a SERIOUS little looker. What a cutie! Could we talk about that smile for a minute? Sigh!

    Happy birthday, Cooper! And I know the feeling, Mama. Oof!

  • Stacey

    Seriously, Cooper could not be any cuter. The cutest ever! Happy 4th, Bud!

  • annecalista

    Happy Birthday Cooper! He looks so grown up! 🙂

  • Kasey

    You are such a great little duo! Happy belated birthday, Cooper!

  • Alix

    HAPPPPPPY BDAY sweet little man!!!!!!!!

  • Dia

    Hi there. Congrats on the birthday! I have a little favor to ask. Could you tell me which fonts you used for your posting here? Both the retro cursive and the sans serif fonts? The reason I ask I used these exact ones for my resume and have lost the old files and font names. I am desperately looking for a job and have no record of the font names, only old resumes. Do you happen to know the names of them? It would really help me out. I’ve been searching online for daayyyss.

    By the way, that is some gorgeous photography. Your whole website is something to behold. Cooper is beautiful. Happy birthday!



  • Leah

    My little man is only 7 weeks old. Every one keeps telling me to savor and enjoy each moment. Looking at posts like this helps to reiterate that thought. They do grow so fast, even the past 7 weeks he’s grown, I can’t imagine what 4+ years from now will be like! Thanks for the reminder today to enjoy each moment and to take lots of photos! 🙂

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