August 24, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. You should listen to Grace’s podcast about Work-life Balance. It’s really good!
  2. Love lists? You know I do…Check out Hula’s!  So many good goals.
  3. I feel this all the time. It’s really fun/difficult/challenging/scary/rewarding to be a parent.
  4. 10 Reasons to Never Eat Free Food. You mean I can’t eat the whole table of free bagels?
  5.  Are we all gonna have a Breaking Bad themed party? Yes?! Let’s get some candy.
  6. I want to lock myself in this bathroom for days. Hope there’s a plug for a mini fridge.
  7. If my kid liked macaroni & cheese, I’d make this every night. Crazy kid!
  8. I have major love for skin-care suggestions. Elise gets all green with this roundup!
  9. Mrs. Julius is my hero. Also how cool is that clipboard wall??!
  10. Still craving Oreos. It’s been two weeks now. This cake would be divine.
  11. If you’re looking for places to eat in San Francisco, Liz can totally help!
  12. We should all make this Blueberry Basil Limeade. Don’t you think?
  13. If you’re trying to remember what makes you happy, Maggie can help!
  14. My friend Lisa made her own font! I adore letters T & R.
  15. Guess who is obsessed with this song? This girl.
  16. I’m gathering ideas to decorate The New Old House on Pinterest. We have a lot of wood ceilings here!

Weight Watchers for Words!  Yeah I said that. Go listen to the latest JOY THE BAKER PODCAST!!!!!!

Can I clean my kitchen in 35 minutes? Find out on the latest High Straightenance!

My Bites Around the Net:

Tanya from Squirrelly Minds made my Angel Hair Arugula Pasta

Sheri from Pork Cracklins made my Tarragon Lime Tea

Diane from Diane, A Broad made my Scalloped Corn

Joy adapted the heck out of my No Knead Pizza. Totes. Maj! Yolo.


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