August 1, 2014

I love lists, Friday!


  1. When You’re in a Good Relationship, You Learn These Things.
  2. What I want from a restaurant website. YES.
  3. Man-ternity photos.
  4. I want ALL OF THIS CAKE.
  5. Airplane passengers as described by their pants   (HILARIOUS)
  6. Rice Krispie Treats 5 WAYS!! 
  7. One of my mottos.
  8. Putting these on the TO MAKE list. This too! Oh and THIS!
  9. Currently Reading: Beautiful Ruins: A Novel
  10. When you want to cry….
  11. Doctors talk about their dumbest patients (ooof)
  12. How to get rich being a blogger!
  13. Putting this top on my birthday wish list.
  14. This cheesecake made my brain explode….in a good way!
  15. Are you fluent in Emoji?  (I’m an emoji whisperer)
  16. One of my kitchen hacks is on Buzzfeed this week. Boom!
  17. I’ll take two, please.
  18. Thank you for your kind words, Tess! I appreciate you.
  19. I’m looking forward to listening to this. 
  20. 10 Rules of Writing. YES.





There’s a new Joy the Baker Podcast!  On Daily Afflecktions, we talk about How to Stay Positive, Ben Affleck, Real World & other general randomness. Enjoy!


Three Meals and a Cookie adapted my Thai Corn Coconut Soup 


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