February 3, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Yosemite.
  2. Paul Rudd makes me giggle. Love the glasses!
  3. How cute is this San Francisco themed birthday party??!!
  4. I’d eat the heck out of this.
  5. This place would be so pretty on a rainy afternoon with cookies & tea.
  6. Freckle’s Guide to Thrifting ONE & TWO might turn me into a thrifter!
  7. Make an awesome cardigan out of your fave shirt. YES!
  8. Pretzel Dogs, I think I love you.
  9. I love how this little bird eats.
  10. I wish I had some down time
  11. Nicole redesigned her website. It’s SOOO PRETTY.
  12. Helen Jane! You’re my meal planning guru! I love it all!
  13. Someone please make this for me. Oprah voice app!
  14. Cooking with Colors. And yummy risotto too!
  15. Girl Crush! These workshops look awesome. I want to go to one.

Episode #36 of the Joy the Baker Podcast is called Some Breathing Room. Me & Joy talk about Valentine’s Day, strippers, gifts for men & woman and cutting off your underwear. Yeah I totally went there.

While you’re over at Homefries, check out this week’s High Straightenence! I totally ORGANIZED: MY PURSE!

Look what came! I got my notebooks from the Minted giveaway this week. We have 6 winners!

I’ll be sending you an email soon!!! Thank you everyone for entering!

  • Anne@BakingMe

    Great list! I really like your glasses, they are super cute 🙂

  • Graylin

    uhhhh YEAH. Like whoa, the glasses are killer!

    Loved the podcast this week–completely bonkers!

    made your potato and feta gyros last night, amazing as usual and totally GARLICIOUS (garlic + delicious = my new favorite made up word)


  • roxy

    I love your glasses! Another great list.

  • Kasey

    I love those glasses! Happy Friday!

  • Helen Jane

    Aw, nice lady, thanks for the mention!
    I hope your weekend is filled with the good stuff.
    Nay, the BEST stuff.

  • Amanda Areias

    OMG, what is that video of Yosemite???? And I’m just in love with stephmodo!!! Thanks Tracy!!

  • Megan

    Cute photo! And this list is so full of love. So, of course, I love it!

  • Becky

    Finger hovering over the “buy” button once again! Thanks for the great recommendations – as always!

  • Amanda

    great list! i wish Paul Rudd would be on an episode of homefries!

  • Chez Us

    Great list, Tracy. Some new to me sites, that I cannot wait to dive into, and a gentle reminder of some that I love and haven’t visited in awhile! YEAH! Also, love the notebooks. Have been looking for some to design for workshops – now I have found them! You are the bestest. xo

  • Alli

    I won?! MAMA!!

    And that “COME ON” was totes in my Will Arnett voice 😉

  • jenny

    BEANY!!!!!! you look adorbs in yer glassies! your hair looks long here!!!!

    you are a sweet pea, thanks for the link. off to click on the rest!
    XOXO And happy weeeeeeeekeeeeeeeend (oprah style)

  • Tiffanie

    I find your love of Oprah adorable!

    I found “pie boxes” in the San Francisco birthday party post. I’ve never seen these before. The things I could do with those…must order.

    Gemma bird gets some awesome meals. For sure. Great inspiration there.

    And…..I’m attending Girl Crush in S.F. and I. CANNOT. WAIT! I have been cooking up all sorts of questions that I might dare ask Ms. Danielle and Ms. Lisa. Really looking forward to it!

  • michael

    great list! I would eat a heck of number 4 too!

  • Mary's Pastry Lab

    totally love your list! Interesting blog you have… gonna start following! 🙂

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