I Love Coloring Books (for Adults!)

Coloring Books for ADULTS!!!

Cooper and I are the artists of our house. We hang out at our kitchen table, put some music on, have some snacks and mix watercolors together. It’s a great way to break up the day and also a good way for me to chilllllllll out.  I got pretty tired of coloring Star Wars and Superhero themed coloring books, so I started a little collection of adult coloring books to pull from when we’re coloring together. Some of them are so cool that Cooper asks to use my books. I make photocopies of some of the pages so we can both do one at the same time.  If you’re looking for some relaxing fun, but you don’t have the right conditions to read a book, bust out some markers/crayons/watercolors and get your Art on!  It’s the best kind of therapy.

Coloring Books I have/Love:


Coloring Books for Adults // shutterbean

Coloring Books I want to add to my collection:

Coloring Books that Make Me Laugh: 


  • Emily S

    I have Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford and each page is a small project. It is gorgeous!

  • Jane M

    I’m ADDICTED to the SECRET GARDEN and I have ENCHANTED FOREST in my cart that won’t ship for WEEKS! My PRISMACOLOR pencils are just great – I’ve even had to fill into some of the most used colors! I’m going to check out your list now! OH the NYT did a whole article on Johanna Basford and therefore all her books are on a waaaaay long backorder! I waited 6 weeks for my copy of the SECRET GARDEN!

  • Kate Shu

    Love this post! My kids are a little too young to take coloring as seriously as I want them to but an afternoon spent coloring with snacks sounds incredible. Conditions for reading a book- I get you, girl.

  • Michelle

    My day has been made. I love coloring, but I had no idea there were ADULT ones. Swoon! Coloring for me is part nostalgia and part stress relief. It’s about as creative/artistic as I get but it makes me so happy! Such a great post.

    • Tracy

      YES YES YES! I also love seeing how people draw things through coloring books. When you’re coloring things in it’s fun to pay attention to the lines and strokes they use to make up an illustration.

  • Lucy

    It’s so funny that you posted this because I just ordered 2 last week! One with tattoos and one themed around Day of the Dead. I also bought one from target a year ago that is all Peter Rabbit. I got the tattoo one to get something completely different from what I would usually do!

    • Tracy

      Yeah! I saw that tattoo one but I am not sure my coloring skills can do it justice. I can imagine it would be sooooooooo fun though.

  • Emily R

    Love this post! I just recently got into adult coloring books and it is SUCH a stress reducer. I’m such a newbie though and just have a box of Target-brand colored pencils which are severely lacking. Could you give any recommendations on the best pens/pencils/markers/whatever to use, or do you only use watercolors? Thanks!

  • Catherine McCord

    Did you write this post for my hubby? It’s AMAZING!!!!!

  • Kate

    I just ordered a different Day of the Dead coloring book! Such a fantastic stress reducer.

  • lindsay

    Any good pen recommendations??

  • Samantha Biobabbler

    Wow, this is REALLY interesting and enjoyable. What a great idea.

    And, Holy Biologist Bait, Batman! The Art of Nature thing I MUST have. I ADORE old botanical and zoological (etc.) art. And the Basford books are now resting in my Wish List queue. Something about the clear, tiny, intricate-yet-flowing lines makes me VERY happy. And you can just do a little bit at a time, if you wish, so for me it’s less intimidating (perfectionist tendencies…).

    Last: I would LOVE to see YOUR page for the Outside the Lines book. ‘Cause those works are so recognizable as certain artists–what would the epitome of Shutterbean be? What would JTB’s be?

    So, that ‘s your adoring public clamoring:

    Please Give Us a Shutterbean Page!

    =) bb

    (off topic: any upcoming gardening updates? I really love your plant stuff, and am wondering what’s growing this year. As I indicated, biologist, so Imma sucker for all this, and it seems to be all part of the Shutterbean way. =) )

    • Tracy

      Oh! I’ll post some stuff. I finally planted some things in our backyard. And hmmmm. I wonder what would be my page….something with stripes, no doubt.

  • Danni

    Love colouring! It mellows me out completely. Have you seen Secret Paris by Zoe De Las Cases? It’s got beautiful sketches that perfect for framing.

  • Marty

    Something I never realized! Thank you for the “heads up”!

  • Jamie

    Recently purchased the Dover Creative Haven Art Nouveau Animal Designs coloring book for myself but have yet to make a date with my colored pencils. I added several of yours to my wishlist, too. Yay for art and coloring!

  • Abby

    This is SO AWESOME. I need these! <3

  • Paula

    I bought the same one! I’ve done a few pages out of it and have been lamenting that 50 colors of pencils doesn’t seem to be enough. Unicorns are Jerks is definitely my purchase when I’m done with the art nouveau.

  • Megan

    Ahh no way! Your posts recently had me searching our half price book store..and then embarrassingly asking the clerk if they sold coloring books for..grown ups. Well luckily the kid did not ridicule me, but said they in fact, did. I’m proudly drinking a grapefruit cocktail and coloring in my “tattoo ideas” adult coloring book as I type! Thanks for pushing me outside my comfort zone and not judging my Wednesday night cocktail. Cheers!

  • Mariana

    I have Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest but I’ve always wanted this one http://www.amazon.com/Coloring-Grown-Ups-Adult-Activity-Book/dp/0452298253

    They have a Tumblr where they share some of the drawings

    I find that coloring as an adult is much more stressful than when I was a child…

  • Krisin

    This post just made my evening! I just placed an order on Amazon for a few coloring books for me and gifts for girlfriends. I am looking forward to an evening of coloring with a glass of wine! Great post and recommendations! Thx!

  • Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life

    I have great memories of colouring with my Mum when I was younger. She is such an incredible artist in other ways (she makes intricately embroidered quilts such as one with flying dragons and a castle on it for my bed) and her colouring in is just beautiful. I need to treat her to the Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest books I think! Thanks Tracy and happy colouring!

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  • Teresa C

    Do your watercolor markers leak through the page? I just bought my first coloring book. I have some water color pencils and Staedtler markers, but am interested in getting the watercolor pens you have, so I’m just curious how they worked with the books and if they bled through the page. Thanks!

  • Jessica H.

    I NEED some of these books in my life! I forgot how relaxing coloring can be.

  • Wendy

    I have the Secret Garden and I looooove it! It’s super intricate though, and I’ve been working on one page of flowers for like a year! I only pull it out when I’m on vacation, though… Maybe I should make coloring a bigger part of my weekly routine. It does really relax my brain!

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  • jo

    Thanks Tracy, I work at an addiction recovery facility as the Wellness coordinator. We love to use coloring to help give creative outlet & focus during our group sessions. We badly(!) needed more adult style materials. I greatly appreciated your post and have already ordered some books based on your recommendations. Love your blog..blessings <3

    • Tracy

      I can imagine it will be so helpful! I’m glad that it’s going to be apart of your work!!

  • Barbara S

    I love this idea for the person who’s hard to buy gifts for! I hope I will remember this by Christmas!

  • madame butterfly

    Thank you for sharing this list.. would love to have one of those soon.. This book is great! I want to have one! Im currently at the age of 53 and coloring has been my way of escaping from reality, it helps me to stay focus. We live in a stressful world. We all have our own everyday ups and downs events that we can’t control. Coloring helps me forget all my problems, I have this one book from Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Butterfly-Coloring-Pages-Butterflies-Adults/dp/1500501255 it’s great! Everyone has the potential to be creative, it can be used for many things in our daily life.

  • Marie

    Watch out for my friend Emma! She’s taking 4+ years of sketches and turning them into an adult coloring book! Shoukd be out by end of this summer, I think. http://www.emmajanekimmell.com/?m=1

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  • Sandra Rhodes

    http://www.ippyartanddesign.com has the most creative and interesting coloring book I have seen as to date.

  • India

    I just ordered a coloring book! Not one you had listed, so I couldn’t use an affiliate link, so I wanted to shoot a quick note to say thank you for the inspiration. We’re heading to a lake for a week and I am going to try to channel my inner-Shutterbean through coloring. 🙂

  • Colette Bronstein

    How do I get the “free” coloring pencils?

  • Gord Merritt

    Hi Tracy, I would love to send you a copy of the first book in our soon to be released series ColourWorlds. Colourworlds are not just adult colouring books, they are serial fantazy novels you get to colour yourself.. Every world has a theme, every theme has a story and every story has a new series of pages to colour. Each page has a part of the storyline in text and a singe clouring page plus a double panel foldout that lets you follow the fantasy as it “unfolds.” There will be many worlds and many adventures to follow within each… unlike anything out there colourworlds is an adventure… release date is scheduled Sept. 2015. you can contact me at info@colourkings.com if you would like a pre-release copy.. and fyi… love your blog.

  • queenluciawright

    Love this post! You have incredible lists of Adult coloring books! I have merely lately got involved in adult coloring books and it is such an anxiety reducer. I just got 2 last week, which are included on your lists the Secret Garden and the Outside the Lines: An Artists’ Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations. These coloring books are actually wonderful! I also have this adult coloring book http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/151435067X that you may want to include on your awesome lists! This coloring books for adults has 74 images that are awaiting for you to color, as well as each is published on one side of the paper, to give you the best coloring experience. This adult coloring book also consists of patterns, mandalas, birds, butterflies, fairies, flowers, and also plants. Its function is to provide grown-up coloring fanatics a taste of just what is had within these other initial coloring books for adults. The photos and also designs range from quite very easy to quite hard, so there is something to suit colorists of all levels.

  • Rachel

    Great list – I was wondering if you would be able to add my newly published, hilarious adult coloring book to your list. It is on Amazon.com here


    Thank you in advance for taking a look.

  • Anita

    Would you tell me the name of the coloring book in your photo…the one with the black and white cat…it looks like a cartoon…thx… Your blog…so well rounded

  • Kate

    Tracy, check out the ‘I Love My Hair’ coloring book – it’s just really fun! Coloring in it always perks me up. I also love any books done by Valentina Ramos Harper.

    Thank you for the thorough post! I prefer markers for my coloring books but I feel comfortable trying something new based on your suggestions.

    Thanks again !!

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