My Everyday Life: Week 28

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Tomato Basil & Mozzarella. The epitome of summer!

Outdoor painting is one of our favorite activities. It’s the only thing that keeps Cooper’s attention.

My niece Camden is visiting from Boston this summer. She loves Katy Perry if you couldn’t tell 😉

Spicy Zucchini Fritatta. Recipe soon!

So this week Cooper and I were kinda sick. I made us a lot of green smoothies.

THIS IS REAL LIFE. And then I stepped in it with bare feet…

I was behind this car for 30 minutes on the way to work. Zin BOOOOOOOYZZZZZ was going through my head the whole time.

This plant always catches my eye in the lobby at work. I didn’t realize it was purple until I saw this photo.

I had a really crappy day and interestingly enough making zucchini bread made me happier.

What didn’t make me happy was…a little boy who REFUSED to try some.

Don’t worry, three days later he tried some and LOVED it. You just can’t call it zucchini bread…

First day starting BluePrintCleanse this week. This is my third time doing it. You can read about it here.

I wanted to give myself a reboot with eating because I’ve been in a rut these days, eating only what’s convenient & heavy on carbs. I think my 4th of July meal might have pushed things over the edge at bit!

I went all nautical with my outfit that day.  This is one of my favorite dresses and it made me remember how good I feel when I dress nicely.

And on the way home I tried to do some retail therapy since I felt like I deserved it after I didn’t eat all day.

But…nothing I tried on fit well. Also, there were no dust bunnies on the floor at GAP. CRAZY.

It’s really weird being in the kitchen when you can’t eat anything. I had a bunch of fruit that was going to rot by the time I was done with this cleanse so I poached some pears to take the skins off, sliced them up and put them on a parchment lined baking sheet and stuck them in the freezer. After about an hour I put them in bags. Instant frozen fruits.

I also did this with strawberries. They’re always the base for Cooper’s smoothies.

On the way home from work I drink #4. It’s a Spicy Lemonade.  Whoa! I had no idea I still had that coconut air freshener in there. I usually can’t see it from my seat.

Cooper’s first Meringue. He loved it.

This little mew crying at the door.

Casey is going nuts for the Frozen Breakfast Burritos I made. I’ll share them with you this week.

Do you know how hard it is to be in front of PIZZA while you are cleansing?

I’ve been reading more of An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace, by Tamar Adler.

I put it down for awhile and then it got lost in the move. I feel like it’s given me a lot of good structure of food preparation/ideas so that when I start eating again (TOMORROW!!) I’ll be on track.


  • Evelyn

    I look forward to your post all week! Thanks for brightening my gloomy day (rain for weeks…) here in Germany.

    Can’t wait for your recipes!! Thanks again Tracy!

  • Emily @

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and that Cooper finally tried the zucchini bread. I would say that “cake bread” is a pretty appropriate name for zucchini bread-it is ALWAYS delicious! Can’t wait to get more zucchini this summer!

    • Tracy

      Hahaha! I tried it on him yesterday and he said “No mama, it’s not cake bread, IT’S ZUCCHINI BREAD!!”

  • meg

    Sounds like there’s a lot to look forward to — yay!! My husband will go crazy if I even mention the idea of frozen breakfast burritos. Not doing too well in the breakfast dept. around here lately…or for quite a while now….
    I really need to take a look at Everlasting Meal. I keep seeing it around the internet and it sounds so promising.

  • Elise Martinez

    These are some of my favorite posts that you have. Thanks for sharing your week! I just borrowed An Everlasting Meal, and I’m excited to start it!


  • Erin Louise

    I am so excited for the frozen burrito recipe. I have a giant stack of tortillas and a flat of fresh eggs…and I think burritos would be the most amazing way to use them!

    • Tracy

      YAY! Wednesday! I hope your tortillas will still be good by then…

  • Ellen

    Oh man I am a sucker for the cute cat photo.
    And now craving eggs and tortillas. Hmmmm.
    You are brave doing those juice cleanses. I don’t think I could hack it!

  • Erica { }

    Omg I can’t wait to see the recipe for frozen breakfast burritos! I’m on a huge ‘bake 100x’s more than you need to freeze later’ kick.

    • Tracy

      I’m on that kick too!! There’s just something so nice about planning ahead.

  • Jane M

    Your week sure looked busy. Hope you were preparing the food when you were NOT on the cleanse! I too could use a reboot.

    Nasty looking Sunday so heading to the Metropolitan Museum with my friends! I’ve been a Bridge and Tunnel person for over 20 years now! Woot Woot!

    • Tracy

      I prepared food while cleansing AND read tons of food magazines and cookbooks. There was one point where I saw that someone had a fried chicken sandwich on twitter and I almost lost it. I drank a bunch of tea whenever I had major cravings. This means I drank a LOT OF TEA. The reboot is worth it thought!

  • Nicole

    No dust bunnies in the Gap dressing room? Impossible! 🙂

    • Tracy

      I almost fainted. SERIOUSLY. But then I did find a bunch of dust on the shelf. There was NO WAY I’d put my purse on that, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 😉

  • Mary

    Frozen breakfast burritos, you say? Genius woman blogger, you say? I’m excited for this recipe! :3

  • Lucia

    I wish I still had to taste my first meringue 😉

  • Melanie

    I really really like these posts. It’s fun to see what someone else’s everyday life looks like. I just started reading your blog when I get the chance and it’s great! I also listen to your podcasts while I run 🙂

    • Tracy

      Thank you!! Thanks for listening too. I appreciate the support!!!!! 🙂

  • joy the baker

    i really love the picture of the zucchini bread prep from your crappy day! i wish we were neighbors!

  • Jane M

    REQUEST. can you please show us how you make 1 of your gorgeous cups of coffee? Hopelessly jealous of your machine :). Thanx.

    • Tracy

      I’ll try to get to it sometime! I just need someone to film it…

  • jenny

    mmmm. zucchini bread. I was going to make your zucchini-banana muffins this week, but this post may have just changed my plans. 🙂

  • brandi

    i just listened to the JTB podcast episode when you mention the gap dust bunnies and i was all ‘YES!’ i am the kind of person that just throws my clothes on the floor when i try things on and that is always a terrible idea at the gap. before i leave the dressing room i always have to check myself (before i wreck myself).

  • Gwen Edwards

    Hey Tracy. Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to these “Everyday Life” posts each week. Please keep them coming!

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