My Everyday Life: Week 32

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Real life. Cooper is curious about black sesame seeds.


Making a salad dressing with cherries.

“Healthy” cookies coming at ya soon!

Photo shooting.

Killer granola. Recipe SOOOOOON.

REAAAAAAL LIFE.  That wine glass was leftover from the night before.

Freezing peaches.

Morning light.


Husband making coffee.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop with sunflower seed butter + rice cake combo.

Grilled peaches & hot dogs & a Pimm’s cup. So rando.

I take my love for Black & White seriously. Not pictured: black & white bag.

I pass by this abandoned building every day I go into work. It saddens me that it’s empty.

So much potential!

View from the dinner table.

I made a salad with arugula, feta, avocado & tamari cashews. AMAZING.

Gin+ ginger ale+ basil + cucumber

On a walk…

I got my hair cut this week!

I also wore the dress that Casey got me for my birthday last year.

  • Vanessa

    A dressing with cherries… I like that. Might have to experiment 🙂

  • Diane

    I can’t wait for that granola post. I just found a place to get good rolled oats here in Paris! (I know, that doesn’t seem like a thing that should be hard to find…)

    I’ve been snacking on rice cakes with cookie butter. I blame you and Joy.

  • Victoria

    Looking forward to some new yummy recipes now! Also, no shame in black and white – it goes with everything.

  • Petra

    I love your ‘everyday life’ series so much… love, love, love. And that view from your new house is beyond gorgeous! Have a lovely new week. 🙂

  • Christina

    I made that grain salad with goat cheese and cherry vinaigrette a few weeks ago! Loved it. Heidi is my hero.

  • Evelyn

    Wow, your view is so lovely! Can’t wait for the new recipes and freezing almost too ripe peaches right now…:)

  • Ruth

    That abandoned building is SCREAMING for someone to give it some love!!

  • Lisa

    that old abandoned house… It looks JUST like my old apartment building!! Is it on Bay and Leavenworth? If it is . I used to live there!! Boy do I have stories of that apartment building!! We many comrades and I from the San Fransisco Art Institute in the early nineties all lived there!

  • biobabbler

    oh, what a lovely tour! Really like your photography style. AND the b&w!! =)

    Looked up SF temps just for fun today–my cousin lives there and I know when we fry (inland California) that sucks the marine layer from the Pacific to swoop over SF and y’all get chilly.

    My house = 108 degrees for HOURS.
    San Francisco = peaks at 71 degrees. Ah… sounds amazing!

    • Tracy

      I live in Marin County so it’s actually 10-15 degrees warmer than SF. It’s awesome.

  • jenny

    I look forward to these posts all week! those peaches look sooooo yummy. and I am now obsessed with sunflower seed butter thanks to you. got some at TJ’s this week and I am forcing myself to stay away from the spoons…

  • Carrie

    Try Sunflower butter on caramel rice cakes! Yum-didee!

  • Kate @ eatrecyclerepeat

    Every picture in this series is amazing. Have you ever had black sesame ice cream/gelato? It’s very popular here in Japan, and I know you can get it in some parts of California. The granola looks awesome; I love freezing peaches for use in everything from smoothies to bbq sauce. I feel ya on the sunflower butter/rice cakes, and I am in awe as always of your cappucino leaf art. Love the random summer dinner – that building has so much potential (permanent Homefries U location?). I’m also so inspired by your cloud pics, and I also take self-portraits using mostly shadows. Finally, that salad and those flowers are gorgeous. And now I’ll end my tome of a comment. Have a great week!

  • megan

    Please, please do a tutorial on how you make lattes. They are gorgeous! Love these posts.

  • Emily @

    I can’t get enough cherries right now-I’ve never tried them in a dressing. Gonna do that STAT. Wanna see that cute hair cut and dress!

  • Rachael

    Great week! Love the pictures. That abandoned building is a beauty! Such a shame it’s empty.

  • Celia

    I love the behind the scenes shots of your kitchen! I made a delish cocktail over the weekend: gin, a little vermouth, ginger ale, pear nectar, and basil. The basil totally made the drink, even if my cousins thought it was a weird addition.

  • Leah

    Love the silhouette of your legs!

    Can’t wait for the granola recipe! The last batch I made overcooked and was burnt 🙁 womp womp!

    • Tracy

      Oh boo! I hate when that happens. (granola burn)

      glad you like my legs. Someone likes my legs! In shadow form! AHH

  • fusilliamy

    WOOD! I giggled here (because i’m a child). Appreciate the recipe peeks! Looking forward to them. Digging the angles and shadows and light in the pics this week 🙂

  • Nicole

    Dude. Your granolas are bonkers amazing. No pressure.

  • Aeshna

    Tracy, you should do a hair/style guide. Love yours!

  • Sarah

    Tracy rocks!

  • Veronika

    I love love love your projects. I have been reading you for months and I am so inspired! Thanks for bringing smiles and ideas to me every week!

  • Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Ok I particularly love the sound of this week. Freezing peaches!
    Heidi xo

  • Moona

    I meant to get back to much earlier, but that house, you wondered why its condemned, well it has a horror story about the owner. When I lived there the plumping which always backed up needed a plumper constantly, and I did not like the plumper the owner kept sending, who I had complained about dozens of times! The owners plumper was creepy, making disgusting passes at me, and offensive and I had to lock my bedroom door from him once, so I called my own one day. Well this one went to the basement to see what the problem was, and when he came back, white as a sheet, he asked me to leave with him and called the police, the basement was filled with homeless men and sewage!! The plumbing wasn’t even compete !! And I had had things missing from my bedroom many many times when I just stepped out for a minute! I thought I was losing my mind! Underneath my bed was an old trap door and staircase, so all they had to do was push up on it when I wasn’t in the room! I only had a throw rug and futon on it!! So they had been coming and going through my bedroom floor!!
    Well besides that horror story, the house was really fun in its day, and down the street from the famous San Fransisco Art Institute and had seen many a party in the few years I lived there! I can only imagine the parties from years and years before!
    I lived with :
    and dated

    there are so many wonderful artist that passed through those doors!1 and so many parties!! -lol

    When I lived there my roommates were all artists as am I. Many of which are doing quiet well now. And other sad story is none of my roommates , who I loved dearly was murdered across the street from the house while saving a young waitress from North Beach Pizza while she was walking home one day, he saw a man dragging her across the street, stopped his car with the lights still blinking and door open, and he was stabbed once through the heart and dies quickly, he was only 23 and his name was Michael Stuckey. It was highly publicized at the time. He had a showing hanging at the Diego Rivera gallery uo the street at the school during the murder, it was sad and eerie. He was stabbed to death and the show was about huge knives, he expressed to me many times his phobia of them. Sorry to be a downer, didn’t mean too be:) Anyway I love your blog its and inspiration and a reminder to LIVE!!!! Thank you for that!

    • Tracy

      WHOA!!!!!! That’s absolutely crazy. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have people coming into your room while you’re out. Did you know that I went to SFAI for a year? I studied photography there and was in the post-bach program for a year. What a small world!

  • Moona

    sorry that should have been : one of my roommates, not none:)

  • Moona

    No way! I had no idea!! It is a small world! What year? I graduated in 92.

    Well I didn’t know, it gives me the chills to think about now. Once when I first moved in, I had an antique ashtray that was really heavy and pure crystal, it was given to me by a friend to wish me luck in the city so it meant something to me. Well, I accidentally dropped it out the window while I was unpacking. I had had it on the window ledge. When you walk by you can see on the far left of the house these very low windows where the basement is. The house next to it is butt up against it. So there is really no way in or out. I walked away form the window for a very brief time, just enough to call out to my roommate to help me get it, I could still see it laying there on the ground. But when he came to the window to help , it had vanished! He looked and looked he is very thin and fit through the window and able to walk around the cramped space to search, and he told me I must be mistaken because it was nowhere. I just could not imagine how it could have just vanished, it always bothered me and he must have thought I was crazy! My keys went missing many many times in my room too, well when I found out about the men living in the basement underneath my room, the first thought that raced through my head was OMG! and the second was~ my ashtray!!!! -lol

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