November 12, 2013

Getting Ready for the Holidays with Zazzle


We’re not the family that gets holiday portraits done every year. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever had a professional portrait done of us! I think that needs to change soon. We also don’t have tons of pictures of us around the house mostly because figuring out what photos to print and actually PRINTING photos can be a long arduous process for me; I get easily distracted. You should see how long it takes me to create a holiday card every year. I think I spent 12 hours on it last year. You think I’m kidding? I’m not.

I’ve wanted to get some of my favorite photos printed, when I was offered a gift certificate from online photo printing service Zazzle , I went for it.


The best part is that I can EASILY access my Instagram account and use my images in gifts & products. This is especially nice because most of my favorite photos of us as a family are self-portraits taken from my iPhone. Kinda sad but true…

To test out their services, I printed this photo of Cooper & I on Zazzle‘s 8 x 8 stretched canvas. The photo is actually a still from this video (see below). FYI- I’m teaching him why people call those who wear glasses FOUR EYES. He’s wearing a pair of my old glasses in the video… hehe.

And here it is printed on a canvas! The quality is really good considering it’s just a still from a camera phone video.


One day I’ll hang it up, but for now it’s on top of our bookshelf in our hallway. I love it!


I have a thing for bags & coin purses so I made one based on this photo below. I can already imagine how many inside jokes could be turned into custom gifts for friends. Oh, the possibilities! And if you’re a font fiend like me, you can totally create custom items. You can make watches, skateboards, posters, clothing, cellphone cases and jewelry out of your own photos.

Here’s the coin purse in real life! The fabric is nice and silky. I’m keeping this one for ME….


I also wanted to test out their print quality and I’m impressed! I love the way these prints came out and I already have another batch of prints on the way.


If you’re looking for unique/custom gifts out of some of your favorite photos, check out Zazzle!


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  • Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate

    Very cool, I will have to check Zazzle out!

  • joy the baker

    i would like to print out a coin purse of one of your shoe shots. please and thank you!

  • jenny

    love that coin purse!

  • Gaby

    whaaaaaaat? this is the coolest thing ever. I had no idea I could print out insta on purses. Would it be weird to have one printed with my cat on it? On a coin purse? I’m totally that cat lady.

  • Kasey

    Lovely photo, friend. You and Cooper look like the best of friends. xo

  • Jacqueline

    So cool! Thank you for sharing all of these…such great ideas for gifts this year! x

  • aida mollenkamp

    Such a cool idea for a holiday gift — I’m totally doing the coin purse options!

  • Amy

    Such a great idea for gifts 🙂 I have been searching for something nice for two first wedding anniversaries coming up (this is what happens when both your best friends get married within two weeks of each other!) and I have a feeling that a print from the day would be perfect 🙂
    Oh! I just clicked over and they have funny bacon shirts too – looks like there might be a gift for the boyfriend too!

  • Jayne

    I’ve been seeing a lot of people printing prints, magnets etc from their Instagram page but the quality of yours is amazing! Especially the still from your video. I like that they also convert the pics into items. Reeeeally good gift idea.

  • Catherine McCord

    I need some Zazzle in my life!!

  • Julie Hashimoto-McCreery

    I loved this post. I am always on the hunt for quality online printing services, especially around this time of year… Photo gifts for family scattered across the US is right up my alley and your feedback on the quality of these prints (even from Instagram?!) was very helpful. So, thanks.

  • Jenn

    I love the purse! I got my mom an iphone cover from them a few years ago, that she loves. (It’s a simple plastic cover, but she gets lots of comments on the photo, which she can proudly say was taken by her son-in-law.)

    I didn’t realize they had so many different options! I see my Christmas list shrinking already.

  • Sarah

    I used Zazzle for my Save the Dates this year and they were fantastic – good quality and fast delivery! Thanks for sharing your photos/ideas!

  • RainStorm

    I honestly never comment on sponsored posts, but I need one of those purses! I think a firework printed one would be simply fabulous… 🙂

  • HeatherChristo

    that is seriously cool. I want my kids on a coin purse. Or maybe just my dog! By the way that picture of you two is beautiful…

  • Kate

    This is so awesome! I’m checking out Zazzle ASAP!

  • Lisa [With Style & Grace]

    these are great! you and your son are the cutest, ever!

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