May 17, 2013

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Reminds me  of when I gave Cooper a slice of lemon for the first time. hehe
  2. I really enjoyed reading An Open Letter to Everyone Who Eats.
  3. Well..THAT SETTLES IT. I’m gonna make my own Coconut Whipped Cream.
  4. Almond Flour & Bourbon Vanilla Pancakes sounds just perfect to me!
  5. OMG Pizza Wheels!!! Where have you been all my life?
  6. 8 Signs You Are Actually a Cat. Yes to #3, 5 and 6 for me.
  7. I LOVE Nick Offerman.
  8. I hope I have time one day to make my own floral tablecloth. Thinking black & white…
  9. That’s How Light Gets In— a very touching/honest piece by my friend Andrea.
  10. I adore Hugh’s photos in this Mapled Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. WOW.
  11. How to Cook Crispy Bacon! I love the oven method.
  12. I’d love to dip this popsicle in a cup of gin. Oh man would that be good!
  13. 5 Tips on How to be Mindful.   I so need this.
  14. 9 minutes well spent! —THIS IS WATER.
  15. An interactive visualization of ongoing Arrested Development Jokes. JACKPOT.


There’s a new Joy the Baker Podcast on Homefries! This week we do Summer Edition WOULD YOU RATHER. It gets SUPER weird. Like weirder than normal…ENJOY!

This week on High Straightenance, I cleaned out my fridge!. You can always tell how stressed out I am by the state of my fridge.


Batch-22 made my Coconut Maple Granola 

Dizzy Loves Icy made my  Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

The Borough and Beyond made a version of my Freezer Breakfast Burritos

Recipe for Success made my Killer Garlic Bread

A Simple Love for Food made my Bacon Fried Rice

Food Loves Writing made a version of my Addictive Brussels Sprouts Salad

Dunn Sweet made my Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes

The Batty Bitch Fhee made my Spinach Feta Pocket Pies 

Eat Your Heart Out made my Coconut Cake

  • Averie @ Averie Cooks

    The popsicles, pizza wheels, coconut whipped cream – saw them all this week as well and was like oh, yes, please!

    Hope you and your family have a great weekend, Tracy!

  • Michelle @ FullyBellyWornSoles

    LOVE those shoes! And they look so hot with that black nail polish.

  • Tieghan

    Love the pizza wheels and yes, you have to try the coconut whipped cream! It is awesome!!!

    Have a great weekend Tracy!

  • Dale

    Agree, those shoes rock! I am in for anything with an animal print. Always look forward to the Friday list.

  • Amy

    So beyond obsessed with that Arrested Development site, and am 75% sure I’m a cat? So.

  • Stephanie

    Please tell me the brand of these killer shoes!

  • Alexia Rich

    Love that my Maj is featured under “Bites Around The Net” (Dunn Sweet)! We follow both yours and Joy’s websites, as well as the Joy the Baker podcast!!

  • Jade Sheldon

    Nick Offerman is my favorite ever…

  • marci

    seriously killer shoes!! Thanks for that mindfulness link – great suggestions in there. will try some for the commute home tonite! 😉

  • Aimee @ Simple Bites

    Great list as usual. But wait! You forgot the coolest music video ever. Quite literally out of this world. Cooper will like it, even if it is not your thing. My boys are obsessed.>>

  • Hilary

    Please tell me you watch Parks & Rec!!

    Also, THOSE SHOES.

  • Jenny

    I love the link to the 8 Signs You Are A Cat. I shared it with my friends and bf. And I came to the realization that my bf is like a cat so now I guess I don’t need one as a pet anymore.

  • Mary

    My baby sister’s (who is in middle school, now, holy moley!) favorite teacher is her social studies teacher…Ms. Offerman, Nick Offerman’s little sister.

    I nearly flipped in my seat and now I try to get in to every parent teacher conference / school field trip ever. I fail or I am a complete creep. Nick Offerman needs to narrate my life.

  • Reynaul

    Love those shoes!

  • Sarah Jayne

    The David Foster Wallace speech is exactly what I needed after these past few weeks. And coconut whipped cream is going to be what I need tomorrow. Thanks for your fab lists every week!

  • Andria

    Tracy – Obsessed with the pizza wheels. And your shoes. Also your video with Cooper was off the charts adorable. Sorry I didn’t mention it before.

  • Emily

    How great was that David Foster Wallace address? My god….the most applicable commencement address I’ve ever heard. Thank you for sharing it!


  • Tara

    I love your lists every week, definitely so,etching I look forward to.

  • jheri

    Thank you so much for sharing the David Foster Wallace address. It spoke to me and just blew my mind. I do a lot on auto pilot and this showed me the water!

  • Iris B.

    I’m visiting your blog for the first time, and already feel I should thank you for pointing me towards some great content.

    The 8 signs you are a cat made my day – looks like I’ve got a hidden feline self somewhere! I also thoroughly enjoyed An Open Letter to Anyone Who Eats. Spoke my mind on a lot of different aspects. Thank you again, and I’ll definitely keep an eye on your blog 🙂

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