Spinach Salad with Fruits & Goat Cheese

tossing right in the same bowl

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been overdosing on fruit right now. I take all the fruit I have in the house, chop it up, toss it in a bowl and pop it in the fridge to cool!  I’ll walk pass the fridge during the day and poke my fork in to get a few bites before I start an activity. Yes. I am totally THAT person. Last night I had a bright idea to eat fruit for dinner! I wanted something savory, substantial & simple with what I had left, so here’s the salad I came up with.

In this bowl of fruit you’ll find kiwis, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes & plums!

quick! let's make a salad

I added crumbled goat cheese, a bag of spinach & the remains of the salad dressing used in my Mom’s salad to the fruit.

I realized that it was missing a crunch factor. Enter SUNFLOWER SEEDS!

now bringing some crunch to the party...

Everything worked really well together! Casey loved it too. WIN!


So here it is. Our dinner. Served with some crusty toasted bread. DEEELISH!

dinner lastnight

Have you been into fruit too?

  • Heather

    I use to think that I didn’t like salad, only to realize that I didn’t like salad a la growing up in Wisconsin. The sort with cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, French dressing and, of course, cheese. When I ventured out and found that city-folk put fruit on salads, and nuts and seeds and really good cheese (!!) I happily abandoned my salad hatred. On that note — this looks SO GOOD. Pretty pictures, too.

    • Tracy

      There’s soo many possibilities out there, it’s pretty exciting! I love salad- but don’t always make the time to eat them!

  • Joy

    I’m right there with you on the fruit! Sometimes I eat more than 90% of my daily diet in fruit that my family has started to call me fruitarian. During the past few weeks, I just cool them in the fridge before eating. It helps me cool down in the heat. I need to add a salad somewhere, too, and yours is my kind of salad — especially with the sunflower seeds. Yumm!

    • Tracy

      Cold fruit is keeping me sane during the hot spells! Perhaps that’s why we are craving it?! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one 😉

  • maija

    Yup, I’ve been a fruit-a-saurus, too! I have so many farmers’ markets available this time of yr (two during the week @lunchtime and two more on weekends near my neighborhood) that it’s the easiest thing to buy to snack on at work. I love it as I feel so healthy, and it’s so easy to wash a couple handfuls of berries & take to work.

    Plus, there is so much great stuff that has limited seasons this time of year for peak freshness (first it was strawberries, then cherries, now blueberries & nectarines, yum!).

  • Katie Trott

    Your recipes all look so great and are making me hungry! The sunflower seeds look especially good 🙂 thanks for the great food inspiration!

  • Cena

    this recipe is so amazing and way easy to make! i made it with dinner tonight and it was very complimentary to your makeshift pizza (which was my main course tonight) i improvised a little and put some maple pecans (that i found in the cabbage apple slaw recipe) in the salad and they rocked! thank you soooo much for the amazing inspiration!

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