September 1, 2016

Labor Day Food Ideas

A roundup of delicious Labor Day Food Ideas - check it out on Shutterbean.com!

You doing anything special for Labor Day Weekend? We have no plans and I want to keep it that way. It’s Labor day after all! No laboring. Gosh…can you imagine if you went into labor on Labor Day? That would be quite interesting. I bet that’s happened to someone reading this right now. Speak up! Let’s hear about it.  If you have a BBQ to attend or hey maybe you’re hosting one, I’ve dipped into my archives to help make your meal planning a bit easier. If you’re about to labor a baby, GOOD LUCK! I hope someone doesn’t make too many labor day jokes while you’re laboring. That would be awkward.

Here are some of my favorite Labor Day Food Ideas!


I’m gonna start with a cocktail because WHY THE HECK NOT. You work hard. You deserve a drink.

Creating an Antipasti Platter // shutterbean

Creating an Antipasti Platter

If you need some antipasti inspiration cuz you have people coming over, check out how I create an antipasti platter.


Cold Sesame Noodles 

Maybe you’re bringing something to a party? Cold Sesame Noodles will do the trick.

Grilled Shrimp + Pineapple Skewers

Things on sticks! Really good things!

Sambal Chicken Skewers 

I feel like I put these skewers on every roundup. It’s probably because they are SO GOOD.

Orange Soy Glazed Ribs

Rib game = strong

Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

Fire up the grill and MAKE PIZZA!

Corn Tomato Shishito Pepper Pizza

As long as you’re grilling pizza, throw this one on for your vegetarian friends.

Raspberry fans! This Raspberry Cornmeal Cobbler is for YOU! Check out the recipe on Shutterbean.com

Raspberry Cornmeal Cobbler

Mmmmm. Dessert. Get raspberries in there while you can.

Brown Sugar Meringues with Strawberries & Cream

I love how chewy these meringues are! Even better topped with strawberries & cream.

Moscow Mule Popsicles

Our days of having popsicles while it’s warm out are numbered. These ones are boozy.

Cherry Pie Crumble Bars

One of my regrets this summer was not eating that many cherries. Time to remedy that.

Shortbread Strawberry Crumble

One of the simplest desserts! No laboring whatsoever.

Lemon Icebox Cupcakes

These “cupcakes” are for those who love stacking things. Get some kids involved!

  • Monica B.

    I’ll be laboring this labor day! 🙁 And labor day in the city is different from the labor days of past (living in a small rural and seaside town). Hot dogs on the grill will come from hotdogs at Gray Papayas – really just not the same, all around. Then when one chooses to not eat meat anymore, it’s all about vegetables, blah blah blah. I don’t do any cooking to speak of, living in the city. BUT IF I DID, I’d be choosing the cold sesame noodles, the corn tomato pizza and everything dessert; those crumbles! I’m craving the lemon icebox cupcakes! Mouthwatering…..Happy Labor Day!

  • Paula

    I make your cherry pie bars all the time but sub the cherries for raspberries and rhubarb. Total game changer!

  • Adie

    I was born on Labor day, 35 years ago! So I’m sure my mom got all the labor jokes. We are celebrating my birthday on Monday this year and I’m going to request the French Quarter cocktails instead if cake! OK, maybe cake and cocktails.

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